An American Tragedy



It was February 26, 2012 when the Martin family would be forever changed. Seventeen year old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a man who was just supposed to be watching the neighborhood.


This story hit worldwide as the people of America supported the Martin family by coming together in a show of solidarity by the wearing of hooded sweatshirts (hoodies). It was reported that the gray hoody that young Mr. Martin was wearing the night that he was killed made him suspicious in the eyes of the man who would be his killer, George Zimmerman. Mr. Zimmerman claimed self-defense using Florida’s Stand Your Ground law as a excuse. Evidence showed that the youth only had a can of Arizona Iced tea and a bag of skittles on his person.


Today, July 13, 2013, the world would be forever changed yet again. Mr. Zimmerman was found not guilty for the killing of Mr. Martin. This news has saddened me and my heart goes out to the Martin Family. I will be praying for them.

I’m sure to the world it seems like this young adult had been murdered all over again. In my opinion justice has not been served. The jury was comprised of six women, five of whom are married with children and one woman who was not.

For this country to be considered the land of the free, in this instance, that certainly does not ring true. With evidence proving Mr. Zimmereman’s guilt, he was still found innocent. In my opinion had the roles been reversed Mr. Martin would face either second degree murder or the lesser sentence of manslaughter. Either way he would have been found guilty of, if nothing else, being a young black man in America.

As I continued to watch the trial, just as many of us have, Mr. Zimmerman’s face showed no sign of remorse. When the verdict was read, he had a smile on his face. This is terrible. I can only imagine the outrage that the world and the Martin family are experiencing right now. This is supposed to be America the beautiful, the land of free, and the home of the brave, correct? Just not in Florida, apparently. There were several witnesses that took the stand stating that Mr. Martin yelled for help, as well as Trayvon Martin’s friend who witnessed most of the ordeal over the phone. Still, the final verdict was Not Guilty?

American hearts are breaking tonight at the unfairness of the outcome of this trial. This ongoing travesty of justice that the Martin family had to relive over and over for the past year has ended without a proper or fair ending to this trial. In my opinion, this isn’t right. Justice should have been served, justly. It’s sad that the race card is being thrown around in this situation, but some things are what they are. Things like the truth, for instance. In an unrelated case in Florida, a mother, was also found not guilty for the killing of her daughter. Mr. Zimmerman was found not guilty for the killing of Mr. Martin and Mr. Michael Vick was found guilty of promoting dog fights. What has this world come to?


Again, my heart goes out to the Martin family. I pray that they will able to find peace at some point. America will be praying with you and for you. If there is any justice in this mockery of justice in my opinion, it is that now Mr. Zimmerman will be sharing Trayvon Martin’s last emotion forever, fear.

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