Ten Writing Confessions


Well, it’s day two of the challenge and I must say so far so good! I must say that I’m glad to accumulate followers from this blog. It makes me feel like my voice matters.  Now, on to the challenges. 

1. Time Management- this is such a challenge for me. Lately, I’ve been going through some personal problems and haven’t had the time to focus. It’s almost like I’m in a blur. I will wake up between 10:30-11am and go on Facebook. Facebook is evil!! It’s the main reason why I can’t write. 

2. Deciding when to write- when I get in the mood, I mostly write at night. I’m talking in the wee hours of the mornings. Unless I’m involved in a challenge like this one! 

3. Not Making An Outline- for some reason I NEVER make an outline for my writings. I know that I should because it will help keep me grounded and on task. I also won’t get stuck in the middle of my story ( like I am now). LOL,…I know I must do better. 

4. I am the queen of drama. Well, at least writing it. I love making new twists and talk about things that people are afraid to go near. 

5. Word Count- when writing my novels i try my best not pay attention to it. Numbers already drive me crazy. If I see that my word count isn’t rising, I will get pissed, then discouraged. 

6. When writing a scene I like to be that character. I have been men and women of all different calibers. 

7. When I write, I like to be the bad girl :). Maybe because I’m good in real life so being a bad girl is…well, fun! 

8. I’m a nerd when it counts. I mean I love to research fun things but lately I can’t concentrate on anything because I’m on facebook and applying for jobs. For those who are unemployed like me, don’t give up! We will make it. At least that’s what i keep telling myself. 

9. Having something to drink while I write helps a lot. Even if it’s a cup of tea. Currently, I have some fruit punch juice because I ran out of sugar. Woe is me. Here have a drink on me. 


10. I always have to write on my MAC. Pens and pencils no longer exist in my world! 

There you have it, my ten confessions! I hope that those are involved in the writing challenge enjoys mine. Please post your challenges in the comments section. I’d love to read them! 


4 thoughts on “Ten Writing Confessions

  1. My mind boggles at the concept of writing as a bad girl versus a good girl. I wonder what type of writer I am? Hmmmm….

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