5 Crafty Top Writing Books


Hey Readers! I’m so glad that it’s Day 4 of the writing challenge! The topic is 5 crafty books that used for writing. Well, darn I have a ton but I have my top 5. I used a lot of these books when I was in graduate school. This books are a must have. Also I will have a youtube video for you as well that I made for writer’s.

1. Image

This book is a must have especially for new writer’s. It gives you tools on how to write and the author shares her story as well. She uses a lot of examples from her life.

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For those who may be interested in screenwriting, this is the GO TO book. This is the first of many that Syd Field has written. I really look up to this guy. He’s taught so many people who to write screenplays. Follow him: @fieldink

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This book is definitely a staple to have for ALL writer’s. It’s a way for us to make our character’s great. I have only read a few chapters of this and I love it! It’s a must have.

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This book is great for any writer!! It teaches you the business aspect when having your manuscript or screenplay. When having meetings you want to know what’s a good price, etc. This book is written by a literary agent who talks about the business. Definitely is must have.

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This book is very special to me because my mentor wrote it. For those authors out there this books has the ends and outs of the business as well. It teaches you how to copyright, format, write a query letter, synopsis and everything for your book! My book is torn apart i’ve made notes, highlighted the works! Please go and grab this book.

These books will help you get on your way to a great writing career. It sure has for me. From the books to becoming a successful author to Syd Field’s books. Go grab your copy.

Here is a link to a youtube video I made for more books that writers must have! Enjoy and always, keep writing!!

Click For Video:

Books To Have

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