2 Books I’ve Read And Loved! Day 7 of Writing Challenge



Good morning readers! It’s the 7th day of the writing challenge and I must say that I have been having a blast with this challenge! I’m very excited to see this topic for today because lately I have read some great books. I haven’t been reading too much for leisure nor have I finished reading both books as I’m reading them at the same time. Why? I have no clue, lol. I guess I just get the urge to read one of the two books a day. I really only read a few a few pages at a time.  I don’t know why I’m not reading a lot faster maybe because they are motivational and learning books. But, hey, at least I’m learning something right?  i haven’t read a book for fun in a long time. ” I’m right on top of that Rose!” It’s will be a thing to do. I love reading all kinds of fiction books and now screenplays. Honesty, I’d rather read a screenplay then watch the movie sometimes. Especially, for movies that i’ve already seen. Who knew?  Before I became a writer, I used to be an avid reader. I would read books all the time. Now, that I write, I don’t read as much as I should. I know shame on me! I’m a work in progress y’all. Please bare with me please and thank you!


The two books that I’m currently reading:


1. mind-your-business_large

I know that I posted this book in the  5 Crafty Top Writing Books, but I am currently reading this one. We had to read it for school when I was getting my graduate degree, but we had to read certain chapters. Now, I’m reading or plan on reading the entire book from start to finish. I tell you it’s a lot of beneficial information in this book. It teaches you the business side of writing. More so screenwriting but I think any writer should take heed to it. There are always something to be learned. Isn’t the title so catchy?

2. Book_magicthinking1

The Magic Of Thinking Big is an awesome book! I started it a couple weeks ago and i’m half way done. This book is a great motivational book. Thus far it has helped me build my self esteem and put my priorities in check as far as my career and my writing. Granted, I don’t have a career yet, but I’m well on my way. This book definitely gives me a HUGE push into the right direction of being successful.  Believe or not folks, a lot of people aren’t successful because of FEAR. Fear creeps it’s evil head and take over our lives. We must not let it. The author of this book uses his real life examples to show how success can happen. A lot of people have this book. My graphic designer told me about this book and I read a template of what it was about and I fell in LOVE.  Here is the pdf that I read that made me get this book. Trust me you won’t regret it!

PDF File:

Click to access the_magic_of_thinking_big.pdf


Now that you know what books i’ve read lately and currently reading, I want to know what are you currently reading or have read? Please post COMMENTS, I’d LOVE to know!!!!

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