Day 8 of Writing Challenge My Writing Routine



I don’t really have writing ritual but I must say that I do need one. My goal was to write every day for an hour. Why am I not doing that?  I will say that social media sites are VERY addicting. It’s the reason why I can’t get any writing done. Between and that and netflix, I sit home on my computer and do everything else but what I’m suppose to be doing. I know, SHAME ON ME! I promise it will get better starting today. Today I have a new ritual and routine that will consist of writing 7 -10 pages a day. I had set that ritual last week and it worked for about three days. Then I had nothing. I know what you must be thinking, ” Krystol, get yo life, honey!” I know and I really need too! I’m going to write these pages a day on my screenplay. My novels I want to write a chapter a day. I know if I can’t write 7 pages of screenplay how will i write a chapter a day? Good question, and when I do know the answer, i’ll share it, lol. But, I need motivation and discipline in my life. It’s funny I blog everyday and I write my articles for CNN just a bout every other day. I’ve come up with the most craziest math ever! Here it is: If I can write on facebook all day and comment on people’s status, and tweet people and comment in groups, all of that added together daily are my pages and my chapters for my novel! Who would have thought! I’m not afraid to say it, I need rehab! 

Another routine I will do is: 

1. Don’t get on any social media sites until my writing projects are worked on. 

2. Give myself deadlines both small and long term 

3. Make a TO DO List….(which I have started) 

See…this is good, right? Am I not making progress or am I making progress, yeah?  This is good. At least I know where my problem areas are and I now have a healthy and doable routine. 

Writers I ask you what is your routine or ritual? 



4 thoughts on “Day 8 of Writing Challenge My Writing Routine

  1. Interesting post. My routine is…I write. No particular time or day, no particular place, if the character starts speaking, I have to write. Darn characters won’t leave me alone until I do.
    Other than that, my routine is pretty normal since I have a “day job” or two. And I am married. I work after my job, in the evening. Sometimes I am still writing at daybreak. Good thing I am self-employed (wildlife habitat manager and dog trainer). I write every day. I try to limit my social media time. Social media has a way of eating up my writing time. Have to be careful, but I try to do it.
    One thing that can sometimes help, or so I’ve been told, is to exchange work with someone or a group of someones, both for feedback and motivation. Such as: if you and I decided to exchange work to get feedback we would set a goal: 4000 words per week. Then I would critique yours and send it back and you would do the same while still having the obligation to complete 4000 words for the next week. Just an idea. I used to belong to a writer’s group. Still do, but have been too busy writing to drop in. OOppppssss!!!!
    I am doing a follow on your blog and would appreciate a follow on my blog (We’ve got the same publisher: #MSH) Talk to you soon.

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