Day 9 Writing Challenge: The Cons Of Being A Writer



 I can’t believe we are at Day 9 of the writing challenge! I have truly enjoyed this and I thank everyone who have liked, commented and shared my blogs. You are so appreciated. We must continue to write and stay in touch. 

The cons of being a writer. Wow, this is a GOOD one. I can go on and on about some cons. Especially cons that non writer’s give us writers. I won’t have too many cons but there are some. Here is my list: 

1. Publishing- Writers can write all day long but the end result should be some kind of publishing. Whether it’s traditional or self publishing. I’ve been self publishing my work for over 5 years now. But, that is no longer. I am now seeking an agent so I can get a major deal. The con in this is that it’s hard for someone to want to publish your work and very expensive for you to self publish. 

2. Not Making Enough Money- Non writers usually put this con out there. They may feel it’s not a real job and we need to do better with our lives. NOT TRUE! Writing is a job. I mean who do you think provide you with TV, Books, Films, Magazines, etc. Hello people, they don’t write themselves! 

3. Time Management- this can be a con because sometimes we writer’s are all over the place. Our ideas run wild and our characters can talk too much. Yes, our character’s do speak to us. I mean, I have been kept up all night once with my thoughts and they were merely characters. Most writers’ do have 9-5’s and can’t figure out a schedule of when to write. I’m currently having a schedule dilemma. 

4. Getting people to believe in your work- as a writer it’s hard to find your target audience. Who will really understand what you are trying to say? This is often a con because sometimes we just don’t know. People may not want to take a chance on a new writer. Writer’s we have to prove ourselves with everything that we write. Talk about pressure. 

5. The Editing Process- In my opinion this is the con of all cons. I mean we as writers hate to edit most of the time. If we can’t afford to hire one then we have to wear that hat too. It helps if we take a few days off and go back in with fresh eyes.  During this process we may change our story slightly or all together. It’s just how the process works. 


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