Does Your Characters Speak To You?




As a writer we oftentimes have to find out where to get our characters from. Once we develop our characters and get into the groove of writing, they start talking. When I say that they start talking, I mean that it becomes a lot easier to write your stories. Some people put us writer’s and stereotype us as crazy. I  don’t feel that we are crazy I think often times writers are misunderstood. But, when it comes to our characters we have to treat them like they are real people. Why, because when our readers read our stories…they do transform into real people. Especially if you are a screenwriter. Screenwriters to me paint pictures through there words.

Characters are very important. Having the right character is key! But, how does one develop the right character? There are a few ways that you can do this. Watch movies int the genre, make an outline or character profile. See my blog on Character Profiles and Story Development.  Below are a few articles from other bloggers that can help you on your way.


As you write your stories have fun with it! Make your characters have fun as long as it stays in the story. If you enjoy writing about your characters, your readers will enjoy reading about them.

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