Guest Post: Omar Tyree

I decided to have an author one who is very popular in the literally industry, Mr. Omar Tyree himself. He has several books out but many may know one of his best selling novels ” Fly Girl”.  I got the chance to interview Mr. Tyree and he has one of my novels as well. 



During the interview Mr. Tyree told me about the Ebook Nation and what it entailed.  

Here is his message for aspiring authors out there: 

“The Ebook Nation Rises”

Imagine dozens of great movie ideas being adapted as original ebooks to read. How many awesome film scripts are just sitting around in a Hollywood closet picking up dust and cobwebs for years with no production money available to make it happen? And how many great stories–for whatever reason–are being turned down or slept on from major Hollywood actors and actresses who could have used them to possibly reignite their careers?

Well, the Ebook Nation is now here to make those movie ideas a reality, if not on the silver screen, then in fun and detailed ebooks, where we can all imagine our favorite Hollywood stars in the lead rolls anyway.

Imagine “The Sneaker Kings,” the upcoming original film idea and ebook by New York Times bestselling author Omar Tyree, all about an underground nation of young sneaker fanatics with Justin Bieber imagined in his first leading man actor role. 

Or how about the sexy “Fast & The Furious” co-star Paul Walker in his very own “James Bond” series as “The Traveler” vigilante “Gary Stevens” in the upcoming international thriller,  “Welcome to Dubai” also by Omar Tyree.

And not only can the stars be imagined as we read, the Ebook Nation offers them participation contracts for inclusive marketing, where monthly Tweets and Instagram posts from Justin Bieber to buy “The Sneaker Kings” or from Paul Walker to buy “Welcome to Dubai” could earn them both millions of dollars in a lifetime of book royalties without ever writing a page. Now how monumental is THAT for a publisher idea?

Omar Tyree says, “The Ebook Nation is a very innovative publishing house who saw an opportunity to capitalize on the creative freedom of electronic books. If you can write it and the people buy it and enjoy it, then let’s put it out. 

“Then when they asked me if I would be willing to give Justin Bieber, Paul Walker or Common Sense a percentage of my book royalties for to help us promote and market the ebooks, I said ‘Hell yeah! Let’s do it!’

“I’d rather make 20% of millions than 50% of thousands any day of the week,” Tyree says. “So they’re now looking for other novelists and screenwriters who have hot, big ideas that they could possibly attach to other Hollywood stars.”

In a present-day market where ebooks are nearly neck and neck in sells with physical books, and available worldwide at a click of a computer screen, those who find creative ways to utilize new ebook opportunities can become the literary icons and bestsellers oftomorrow.

Tyree says, “I’m extremely fortunate to be the first author selected to kick off the company because I happened to have the versatile content and stories that fit their model. And I’m very happy to say that I have plenty more ideas that fit to come.”

The Ebook Nation is on the rise. So send in your big book or movie and idea submissions @ If you can write it, now there’s a way for book lovers to buy it, read it and love it–with the stars attached.


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