Gratitude: Writing Prompt From



Take a moment and write about what you are grateful for in your life. Write about how these aspects make you feel? What memories come up when you think of the person, pet, item or situation that you are grateful for? Allow yourself to sink into this feeling.

I’m grateful for the ability to not give up. I mean as a writer I used to feel lonely or sad because people didn’t see my vision. Well now it doesn’t matter what people think. My writing is just that and I know that one day the world will appreciate my work on the big screen, a TV Show or as a book in their hands. The ability to not give up is what keeps me going. As writers we have this insane idea to prove our work to ourselves. Day in and day out we write what we think is a winner and will get us to that next level. Yes, there are levels to this!  I have one memory that I’m very fond of when it comes to me not giving up. I was in college getting my BA in Behavioral Science and I was taking a Humanities class online. I had to write a paper on the Athens. The topic didn’t interest me at all  but just like any other writing assignment I gave it my all. I did what any other normal student would do. I bought the cliff notes copy of the book and did some research. I managed to finish the  15 page paper. Once I hit sent on my computer I was checking my grades constantly. I ended up getting a 50% on the paper. I cried my eyes out because I had worked so hard on it. The teacher that gave me this 50% said that my writing seemed very child like and basic. He said I was not writing on a college level but it looked like a 3rd grader wrote it in styles of content. I was beyond livid. This teacher not only insulted my intelligence but disrespected my craft and called it basic. I had just taken a literature class prior and got an A in it. I took my paper and his comments to the board of my school. I sent them the directions, of the assignment, along with my paper. It turned out that the teacher was wrong and graded me based on how he felt about me. He didn’t like me. I was passing every paper he threw at me. I wasn’t no teacher’s pet but I was serious when it came to writing. The paper was graded by another teacher who taught the class and I ended up getting a 90%. That was the grade that I ended up receiving because I was sent to that teacher’s class. I’m saying this to say that I didn’t give up. Had i just settled for that 50% on my paper I would have failed the class and had to take it over. But, I knew my work was more than 50%. It’s funny how some teachers will judge you based on your consistent work in the class. I don’t know what was up with that teacher but he was suspended. My academic advisor at the time saw that he always made irrelevant comments on my work. This memory gave me an open eye and a thicker skin.

I’d like to thank Jackie Johansen for giving me this writing prompt. If you guys would like to check our more writing prompts or her blog click this link:

I will be doing a writing prompt everyday! Will you join me? Please do, I’d love to get to know you more through your writing and blogs! Let’s do this. Leave in the comment how you would have reacted if my experience was like yours.

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