My book is completed, now what?

Happy Saturday!


You have now finished your manuscript. The hard work that you have done is now complete. The sleepless nights, hearing your characters in your mind, sitting in front of the desk typing or writing away has now come to an end. First off, breathe, take a bow and soak it in that you have finished a novel. There isn’t many people that have accomplished what you have done. I know it can be a long process. Trust me, I get it.

What’s next?


Well, now you still have a long road ahead. First on deciding which route you want to take when it comes to publishing. I wrote a blog about traditional and self-publishing and I talked about my experience with it. In another blog I discussed trying to go into traditional publishing as well. Once you have decided which route to take, you have to do different things for each one.  Some people may want an agent and have them shop your new manuscript around.


Agents- Agents may not like your work. It doesn’t make that you aren’t a good writer, but agents will choose you if they think your story will sell and make them money. It’s very hard today to get an agent. I’m still on the hunt for one.

Tip #2

Query Letters- Sending query letters can be a pain in the behind. Back in the day, companies wanted snail mail, but now they prefer email. Beware: Some companies only prefer to deal with the agent first before they talk to the author.

Tip #3

Results- No matter which way you go about publishing your work make sure that you have a plan. A marketing and  business plan. If you are with a traditional publishing company, this will be provided for you. But, if you are self-publishing, you have to do this on your own. Sure, it will be a lot of work, but it may be worthwhile in the end.

I remember watching an episode of True Life on MTV and an author was self-publishing his book. He had his ex-girlfriend edit his book and do the cover too. The proof of the book came in and he was so critical about it. He ordered so many book and went to his first signing. He sold 100 books out of 135 that he ordered. Not bad, right?. I thought it was good being as though it was his first book and his first signing. He was still upset that he didn’t sell out. But, I mean, bro, it’s your first book, many authors don’t sell half of what he did for the first time. At my first book signing, I sold 5 books. The author was writing his second book and looking for a traditional publishing company.

This business is very hard to deal with at times. You feel you are in competition when you don’t even try to be. Especially, for Indie authors. Now that people can publish their own book, getting into the publishing world is no longer completed. I have had my share of self-publishing. I’ve had success from it and I’ve failed at it, too.

Spreading the word…

Now that you have decided which route to take, you now have to spread the word in order to get sales coming in. Now, some people will be happy for you and buy your book, some will say they are buying it and they don’t, some will ignore you. With everyone easily able to be an author, ther is no hype about it anymore. This is just MY opinion. Being a writer is no easy feat, but with e-books, getting out there is easy. In order to spread the word successfully, you must do something to spread out from the rest. Me, personally, I don’t add authors to my pages. I add readers. I want readers following me, not authors who will just like a status, re-tweet a tweet, or just be there. Granted, there are some authors that I do support by purchasing their work and sharing SOME of their works, but I don’t make it a habit. It’s nothing personal, but I need sales, not like’s and re-tweets. Plus, authors are all trying to make it in this industry, so why have authors on your page when you are all doing the same thing, trying to make sales. I do have a promotion day on my pages where other authors can promote their work on my page for a day. But, that’s it!

Congrats on your accomplishment

Peppa Pig

Take the time to celebrate. Go to dinner, movies, or hang out with friends of your accomplishment! Your true fans and supporters will be in your corner when you write 1 book or 20 books. If they believe in you, they will always stick around and be willing to help you. LOVE those people dearly! I hope whatever method you decide, you are most successful in! Congrats on finishing your novel!

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