Is it okay to use a pseudonym?

Happy Sunday, Readers! 

Good morning

I hope that everyone is having a great day! I know some of you maybe going to church or spending the day with your family. I, on the other hand will be writing! Yes, the sun is out and I have been thinking about my story a lot since my last post yesterday. This whole Nano thing on my own is great. Read yesterday’s post here. I swear, its the best thing since sliced bread. LOL…my grandmother used to say that all the time.  I am feeling good about this book again that I think I will actually have it finished by the end of August. I am ready because I will be using a Pseudonym!!

What is a Pseudonym aka pen name? 


A pen name is a name that is not your biological name. Most writers choose to use a different name from their own in order to keep their life separate from their writing one. They also use one in order to go with a different genre. For example, I know an Erotic writer who uses the name B. N. Nasty. Get it, ” Being Nasty?” Some writers may think it’s silly and want to use their biological name or their initials. Hey, whatever works for you is what you go with. I want to use a different name with my new book because it’s a mystery. Now, I know that all of my books are under ” Krystol” my first name and they are in different genre’s. But, I want to try something different. On of my favorite authors Stephen King said,  ” He never thought about using a different name because his fan would know that it was his writing.”  Maybe that’s true, to each it’s own I say. I want to try it and see if I am more successful or not with the new name. I am excited to see how it will unfold. Plus, I am going to be querying agents and companies with this new name and book, I will keep you updated. If I don’t’ get a deal or go traditional with this book, I will just self publish with the new name and check that out also!

The Writing Process….


I know the writing process can be a scary thing. Trust me, I am in it now. I think my fear is being rejected yet again. I mean, I know that rejection is a part of life and we should expect it, but I am working very hard to not have that happen. What I didn’t use before that i will use now is beta readers. Beta readers are readers who will in your genre, your books that are about to published. They will give you their honest opinion and tell you what changes to make and etc in your stories. I will also use a different editor. It sucks because editors are SO expensive. Yet, it seems that every editor I have had has still made mistakes in my work. I feel that I can’t win. But, I know that no one is perfect. However, it’s my book and I want it to be as perfect as it can be. One of the things that I hate is involved with the writing process is PROCRASTINATION! I had to make that bright red for you, because I know you writers know exactly what I mean. There are times and days when you don’t feel like writing. If you are writing for yourself with no deadline–then don’t write!! But, if you are like me, and doing your own Nano, then you know you have to get those words in! There is nothing wrong with that either. It gives you structure. Lord knows I need structure. I need to also work on my time-maintence skills aka get the hell of off Facebook. It’s sad, but true!  So, no matter what, during the writing process, keep it moving. Think of the end result, having your own book in your hand. Actually, what really motivated me was that I was on twitter and I used #writers one night. All I saw was pictures of authors with their books, whether were at home, at a book event, signing whatever. I instantly became jealous and wanted to do the same exact thing. Then, I put my mind to it and made a way that I would be able to do just that. I want to be a successful writer among other things and succeed. My goal is to touch every reader with my work whether I use the pen name Krystol or Simore Butts. LOL…okay, you have to admit that was really funny! That is not my pen name, but someone can have it if they want it.

My update since yesterday… 

My Writing Process

Yesterday I wrote 1, 748 words. I am now at a total of 17,177 so far. My goal is to get to $80,000 since I want to get a traditional publisher. I know that I can do it. If I write about 2k everyday, I will be finished in no time. There will be days when the story gets to me that I will surpass my writing goal for the day! But, writers don’t give up. you can do it!  If you’d like feel free to post your writing updates in the comments below! I hope this blog post has helped someone today. Feel free to share!

6 thoughts on “Is it okay to use a pseudonym?

  1. Happy Sunday! I finished the essay I was working on (Pacific Rim/Yoko Tsuno) last night. Today I am catching up with some TV (Legend of the Seeker season 2) and preparing the structure for my next article (about Jedi Youngling in Star Wars). I thought about using a pen name, but so far all of my published work is under my real name, since this is nonfiction and academic writing. I have a children novella that might come out this Fall, and I decided to use my real name. I do have one memoir like project that I couldn’t publish (shall I write it in the near future) under my real name for personal reasons. It’s not on my soon to be written list though.

    • That’s great! Yes, I am about to get all into academic writing for school. Man, I am nervous and excited. I hope that I do well. Good luck with your future writing! It’s totally fine, all of my previous books are under my real name.

  2. I try to keep a veil between my real job and writing. I went with initials on all my books. It’s not hard to figure out who I am, but I’m not out there pushing it either.

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