Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-thon: How’d I do?

Happy Sunday!

Good evening

Hey readers! I made an attempt to try another read a thon that was just for 24 hours! Who knew that time could fly that quickly? So, I set my alarm for 8am yesterday and as I set it I was beyond excited.

Here are the books that I read for the readathon.

Book ThiefConsequences

I had been reading both books for a while because they are just slow reads for me. But, sadly to say I read them during the readathon, but I did not finish them! So, I am still reading them. I am 120 pages away from finishing Opal and I could not be more excited, lol. I don’t know if it’s my mind or if I’m not really in the mood for these kinds of reads, but it’s like watching paint dry for me to finish. It’s crazy because they are both GOOD reads. I think I just need time to focus and not do anything else like watch Youtube or check my phone every 5 minutes. But, I am going to finish Opal by tonight and The Book Thief this week, hopefully by Wednesday. I did have fun participating in the read a thon because I did participate. If anyone participated this year, how did you do?


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