Readers, I Need Feedback!

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This is my current W.I.P that I have stopped working on. I’m feeling a little iffy about it and I want to know do you think I should continue or start over? Now, I was going to self-publish this book and I even have a cover made for it, but I’m thinking of going traditional with my works from now on. What are your thoughts? Please give me some kind of feedback below in the comments. Thanks.

Here are the first two chapters (unedited) …



“ Angel! I can’t do this with you right now.” I yelled as he was driving through old Baltimore Pike.

“ Miracle, I told you that I was sorry. How many times are you going to continue to punish me?” He yelled back.

The snow was coming down hard and he was speeding. I was scared and my heart started to panic.

“ You had her pussy smell all over you!” I barked back.

“ Mamita, I don’t want us to get a divorce. I am going to get help.” He said.

“ Angel, you had the last time. Just tell me how many more did you fuck?”

“ Miracle, it was just the two times and that was it. I love you and I’m committed to you.” He retorted.

“ How are you committed to me when you fucking cheated twice. We aren’t in high school anymore, Angel.”

I started to cry.

He hated when I cried.

We stopped at a red light and I looked out the window at the Christmas lights. Christtmas was my favorite holiday of the year.

“ Look. I love you. We are not getting divorced. This marriage is going to work and it’s going to last. We had vows, Miracle.”

“ Vows that you broke. Just tell me why? Is it because I work so much?”

“ No. Baby.”

He sighed.

“ She came on to me in the office. I told her I was happily married. We had the Christmas party last year and both were too drunk to drive. She kissed me. I called her Miracle and she played along with it.”

Tears started to roll my down my eyes even harder.

“ Since you were drunk the first time, how the fuck did it happen again?”

This go round I was furious. I wanted to grab the wheel and make him feel the same pain that I am, but I couldn’t kill us.

“ Miracle. Please calm down. I don’t want your asthma to act up.” He said trying to hold my hand.

“ Fuck you and your damn asthma.” I yelled.

“ Please stop crying.” He said as tears started to stream down his eyes.

“ We don’t need this shit.” I said.

“ Who the fuck is we?”

Cars started to pile up behind us and were blowing the horn.

“ Angel, I’m pregnant!”

Before I could say anything he stared at me and his foot hit the gas on the car.

“ Angel, look out!” I screamed.

I could hear the crash, but after that it all went black.



Chapter 1

 I remember it like it was yesterday. He was the one that I saw first before anyone else. Nervous, I didn’t know what to expect. Here I was at a new school from a different state and have to make new friends. My father worked a lot and we moved a lot due to his work. I will miss my friends in Charlotte, North Carolina. I didn’t have to courage to open the door. I stood their awkwardly still looking at him. The halls were quiet, no one was around and I could hear my own thoughts.   I looked at myself to make sure that I looked decent. I had on a red shirt that showed my mid drift and belly, blue jeans with red and blue Jordan’s. I loved to dress and my hair was cut short in a bob. My smooth chocolate skin accented my outfit nicely. Being in Wilmington, Delaware seems to be a little different from down south. Everyone was fast, which I used to. I was born and raised in New York until my dad started to move for work as stockbroker.

Slowly, I turned the knob. He looked at me. In fact everyone looked at me, including the teacher. I gave her my slip that shows I belong in her classroom.

“ Okay class. Please welcome Miracle Stewart.” She said.

She continued to glance at my slip.

“ My name is Mrs. Baxter.” She said with a slight smile.

Mrs. Baxter was an older woman with dread locks. She had light skin and great pant suit that I could not help but to adore.

“ Miracle, please have a seat anywhere.” She said.

I glanced up around the room and saw him still staring at me. I slowly blinked my eyes. I knew he was attracted to me. The feeling was definitely mutual. One thing about me I am not shy, so I knew what I was doing when I sat beside him.














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