Check In: 24in48Readathon


Good afternoon, readers! I must say that I am really enjoying this readaton very much. Thus far, I have finished 1 out of the 3 books that I set out to read. That is so awesome! It was my first milestone of reading a book in one day. I felt like I could do anything that I wanted to do, lol. Anywhoo. Here is what I finished.


This book was REALLY good! I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars and I can not wait to finish this series. Unbalanced is about a girl named Catherine who is studying Journalism at Howard University in order to be an Editor. She meets valedictorian Dorian Wallace and multi-millionaire. It was sort of love at first sight, but Catherine and her friends notice some things are not quite right. But, Catherine has to decide if she is going to stay or go. If you are looking for a suspense novel, pick this one up!

Up Next…

One Plus One

I do not know if I will finish this today, but I sure am going to try. I will be taking a break to cook dinner. I read two books by this author and I am so excited to see how JoJo brings the love in this book with Jess and Ed. We shall see. Happy readings guys!


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