Why Is It Hard To Find A Writing Job?


It’s about to be a new year and I must say I’m not 100 % sold on my accomplishments. Yes, I’ve written two books this year that I’m very proud of, but I feel like it’s not enough. I want more to do. Writing is my passion and it’s the only way that I release myself. Some may release stress due to gambling, food, sex, or greed. Food has crossed my mind, but writing doesn’t pack on the pounds,just the words. That is fine with me. I did some research today on finding writing jobs. This is nothing new if you’ve been a loyal reader of mine for the last five years or so. My goal is to write for a living. My only feat is deciding if I do that as a company or for myself? I’ve been doing it for myself for quite some time, but I have yet to be financially successful from it. I won’t ever give up on my personal writing, but I still want to acquire working for a company someday as head writer. I’m even willing to climb the ladder as they say. But, how does one do such a thing?


I keep fighting the good fight and pound the keys. Taking a short break was very helpful with my sanity as I feel I’m suffering from cabin fever a bit lol. But, the words still consume me. As in introvert I can often times be called timid, shy, or even closed to those who know me. But, nevertheless, I will always have something to write. Something to say. It’s the words that bounds our mind and speaks to us from our souls and our hearts. As of late, I have been researching how to find a writing job. Social media is top on the list! Studies show the best way to find a job is through social media by networking. I’ve tried this way and I haven’t had much luck. Most of the times people want to writers to work for free, which is ridiculous.  That is another blog for another day.  No matter what you are trying to do with your writing be it a job, a writing schedule, or anything where you use your words, don’t give up. Just take it one word at a time.



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