Your New Truth

Happy Friday! I hope as you are reading this that you are having an amazing day on purpose! No matter what the days prior did to us, today is our new start. Some of us have a 3 day weekend and I will spend mine reflecting and decluttering not just my apartment, but my mind and my finances.

It is time to start over. Do overs are allowed no matter how old you are or where you are in life. I am in my mid-30s and I swear in my mind my do-over is almost daily, lol! This brings me to having a new truth. Being intentional with all areas of your life and live in YOUR truth. In my opinion this is a private matter only because you create the life you the want. I’m currently reading The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman. She said, ” your new future begins with your new truth.” I thought, that is it! My new truth is only mine and no one else’s. How you choose to live is no one else’s business but yours. All you can do is be yourself no matter what anyone says about you, even if it is a new version of who you are, stand in your new truth.

I want this blog to capture my financial journey and some new truths along the way. It’s funny I was doing my budget for my next paycheck ( I am a budget by paycheck girl, monthly is too much for me) and I had created a mock budget where I gave myself the income of a previous job so I could save more money in my Emergency Fund. On paper and in my mind the idea was brilliant. I even posted a YouTube video of it and ranted and raved about how a great idea it was. Now, thinking about it, it’s not my truth. I don’t make that salary anymore as I have evolved. If I’m going to have my new truth in all areas of my life, I need to come correct with the finances, too. So, I reverted back to the truth and used what I currently make in order to create my budget. Finances do not have to be difficult nor do we have to trick ourselves that we have more or less. It just is. Either we have what we need or we don’t. It’s okay to adjust your new truth as long as it is still your truth. Regarding finances, what truth are you telling, is it your new one or the old one? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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