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Synopsis for Through Her Eyes:Melanie Woodard, a young girl who has been one heck of a ride. Being abused as a child, going through failed relationship to the next, having a drug abused mother, what else can Melanie take? Will she get her happy ending that she deserves? Come follow Melanie’s journey as she shows you her life Through Her Eyes.

Synopsis For Tears of Joy: Arvind Jenkins and Joy Evans are a match made in heaven. These high school sweethearts are destined to be together forever, but Arvind has a secret that may bring Joy to tears. Will Joy fight for the love of her life, or will she end up alone?

Synopsis For Jawbreakers: Zoela Best is the new girl at school. Trying to get used to the new school and people she meets Vincenza Catucci. They are two peas in a pod until the “Jawbreakers” make their presence known and tortures the girls with bullying and hazing. Vincenza and Zoela are asked to be a Jawbreaker and the two are ecstatic. But, the leader has a trick up her sleeve to turn the two girls into frenemies. Will they see the danger ahead or will they put an end to the Jawbreakers once and for all?

Synopsis For Officer on Duty (Ebook Only):Porsha Banks is the officer on duty at a federal prison. She loves her job A LOT. But, there is just one thing, she has an urge that needs to be taken care of. Find out what happens when the cat is let out of the bag!

Synopsis For Jazzy’s Bitch:Karmen Watson meets the man of her dreams, a guy named Jazzy. Blinded by love and money, she is living the good life. Noticing a change in her new found love,Jazzy starts speaking in a different language, with his fist. Will Karmen make Jazzy change his ways? Or will she stay with him til death due her part.

Synopsis For Special Jenkins Case: Special Jenkins is a girl who has had a hard life. Being adopted by the only parents she knew, Special knew she was loved. But, at the age of 16, her adoptive parents were both killed in a car accident, which resulted in Special living in foster care until she was 18. Trying to find her way on earth alone, she graduates high school and enrolls in college. Now living on her own, Special must survive on her own being a struggling college student.

Synopsis For Trapped: Nineteen years old, psychology major, Candice Hertz worked hard on her studies. After losing her father to cancer, Candice decides therapy would help with her loss. The therapy session turned into a nightmare. While reliving her past, Candice recalls the traumatic experience of being physically abused by her father at age twelve. Unable to deal with the memories, Danielle, another memory appears and become who Candice can’t. Danielle becomes Candice’s vehicle for revenge on those who caused her pain. Will Candice be cured from Multiple Personality Disorder or will she remain trapped with Danielle forever.

Synopsis For Rendezvous: The Honeymooners” by Krystol
Honeymooners Aubrey and Marqus Jackson are happily in love, and enjoying their new life as husband and wife. While on their honeymoon in Negril, Jamaica, they want to enjoy their newly joined lives by having a third person accompany them. Sexually, that is. They were confident in their commitment to each other to try anything, even a ménage à trois. Why not try it? Will they explore the island with a third person, or will their intended trio end up being just another duo?

Synopsis For Sweet Innocence: Aurica Daniels is an award winning author from Delaware. She’s best known for her thriller novels. She is loved by her friends and cherished by her fans; Aurica has a secret past that she never told, until now. Abused by her father as a child Aurica wonders if she will move on from her past and have a prominent future. Aurica and her publicist go on a 5 day book tour but Aurica just doesn’t go on any tour, she goes on a revenge spree that will shock all! Will Mrs. Daniels get the Sweet Innocence she deserves or will her past continues to crowd her future?