Long Time No See

No Matter what happens, keep smiling

Hello to those who still choose to read this blog! It’s been a while. To no avail, i will say that I am back. My mind is clear and the goal is focused, to keep writing! Life has happened to me and all of us these last couple of years, right? I know that I have neglected my blog, but that is changing as of today. I hope that everyone has been doing well and is staying safe. In my life right now, there are somethings that has happened for the good and not so good, but I am still here. And I am glad that you all are still here also! Moving forward the scope or theme of this blog will be geared toward writing tips and financial literacy! Yes, your girl has dabbled and been into finances for the last few years, which made my writing take a back seat. But, I am now in control of the bus that is writing. I miss doing it and i enjoy the calm and happiness it brings me so I’m back, with a vengeance!

Recently, I have purchased a new Macbook Pro as opposed to the one that I had in 2011. If I’m being honest, I do miss my old Mac because this new one is so different, I’m still trying to get it together. Maybe YouTube University can assist? Even this blog looks different, but I am going to work with it and be happy, lol. My goal is to have three posts a piece regarding something writing or finance related. I have so many ideas! So stay tuned! As always thanks for rocking with me!

~ Krystol

Mental Reset Monday

Happy Monday, my fellow readers! I’m coming to you with a voice of reading, or a blog of reason? Any whoo, I want you to know that today lets reset. Lets take the time out to get our goals for the week set and met, take some time for ourselves on our lunch breaks and just woosah! I’ve been at work since about 8:45 am and I’ve thought about quitting twice and crying once. When we do things that are not aligned with our passions or interests, it makes it hard to ” fake it til you make it.” So, what I had to do and encourage you all to do is take a reset. It can be 30 minutes or an hour. Just do something you enjoy, write in a journal or get a away and read a few pages of a book that is fiction. I chose to take a few breaths and change my mindset from one of agony to gratitude. Although I’m not happy in my role, I’m grateful to have one. We can spend the rest of our lives being unhappy by our actions and not words or we can take steps to become happy or have a sense of peace. Whatever that is for you focus on that. During your reset, think about what will make you truly happy in your professional endeavors. On this Monday I am making the choice to not be unhappy with my employer, but instead be grateful until the next opportunity comes. Prayerfully sooner than later, but nonetheless keep doing my best.

While taking your reset, be patient with yourself and give yourself grace that everything will work out just as its supposed to. i know that it is easier said than done, but learning and having patience will teach us. It makes us humble in some areas as well. How we move in our everyday lives by the day can determine how our future will be.


I am Worthy

I am loved

I am successful

Money Comes to me

I can do anything

I am happy

I am refreshed

Stop Making Excuses

As I sit home in my bed and watch Set It Up starring Lucy Lui and Taye Diggs ( potential relative), the story gave me the motivation to come back to you. As soon as I started to type with my acrylic nails, my gray and white assistant of a cat decided to wake up. Apparently he missed the typing on the laptop as well. The film is about a girl who is an assistant, but dreams of being a writer. Well, it still my dream, too. To write. I can’t be a writer if i am not writing. Is that writing 101 or .01? Sure i’ve got a Masters in writing and have written books, but what has the blockage so heavy? It’s the fear of being successful and not so successful at the same damn time. Excuse my language but then again, no don’t excuse it. I work in finance, but the written word needs me. I am one of those people who believe that everything happens for a reason, even this moment of coming to my eighth epiphany that I am supposed to write for a living. But, how do I earn money doing just that? There are no excuses anymore.

It’s time to dedicate my time into making this talent work for me. In advance I’m appreciative of those who take the time to read my blogs and leave a comment no matter how sporadic my posts are. Thanks, Mom, lol! So, I have about four books that I need to finish writing and I am going to find time to write them. This is where I want to be. Tapping the keys and writing sentences that make sense. Now that I am no longer making excuses, what are you going to do or have an interest in? There is still time for all of us to excel and become great at what ever our heart desires. Lets put in the work and get it done. As it gets hard or life gets in the way we have to continue to follow what our dreams are. We’ve got this! You’ve got this!

It’s Been A While…

I won’t have any excuse for why I haven’t been there. I figured we’d just have a chat and catch up about life. What has been going on in your world? Mine has been a little lack luster, but hey, I’m here. I debated on how much of myself I should expose in our conversation, but I’ve decided to just rip the band aid and go! Let’s see…the new year wasn’t really all that new to me. I still had the same problems, but new hopes for change. They say change starts from within, but tell me, who in the hell are they? Who are these people that have so much to say about a lot, but really know nothing at all? For the past three months I’ve been taken medication for anxiety and depression. Some days one or other shows up and at times they both appear. How can one cry and worry at the same? Let me tell you it’s exhausting. The medicine helps me believe that my life will get better and my purpose in life will have a say and actually speak up for itself and tell me what it is. He or she still remains silent and sits in his shell like a turtle. There are many things that I enjoy doing like watching Dawson’s Creek, writing when the mood hits me like right now and budgeting money. I swear the only thing that is consistent in my life right now is budgeting my finances.

After a two month hiatus of being out of work due to my anxiety and depression from being at work, I went back this week. What I thought would make me feel better or excited about going back still makes me want another job. The thought of going back makes me feel like failure because it doesn’t bring me joy. On the flip side, I’m not just laying in bed trying to figure out what to do with my life that makes sense or money for that matter. Being back at work I notice that the more things change, the more they stay the same. I was back to the routine that made my anxiety show itself and have worked an extra three hours per night when I’m supposed to only work eight. Sure the overtime money will look good in my bank account, but at what cost is it just enjoy the role? The thing is I get bored easy because once I master something it is no longer challenging. With this work week over I am still not challenged and sleeping sounds more exciting then doing the work. But, I’m grateful for the job because it gives me a place to live and I can buy my food. I don’t want to seem ungrateful because I know there are people who are still not working and would kill for my job, but I am speaking my truth.

I’ve been trusting in God and growing closer to him and not the meds I’m prescribed that is supposed to make me worry less and smile more. Truth is deep down I know I will be okay and everything will be fine. I also know that everything happens for a reason. Even if I question why it’s happening, it’s still for a reason. I’m thankful for my new friends that have helped replace one of the old ones. Loosing a friendship is like death, you grieve, you learn to smile again and then you keep living. I guess I’m still in the grieving phase and not over the break up because who gets married and doesn’t tell their best friend until they send you pictures? I’m used to being hurt by family and boyfriends, but friends, that’s a new kind of pain. They are usually the ones that get you when others don’t. But, I’m strong and will bounce back from that too. My grandmother and my mom always say that Man will you fail you everything, even if they are man. I understand everyone does have your same heart or way of doing things. Still doesn’t make the blow any less easier once it hits you. On a positive note, I started another book, yep that makes three that I need to finish. Writing books used to be exciting and come so naturally that I’d want to write them quick and publish them. I think the lack of sales and rejection letters from agencies killed that spark. But, one day I believe I will get that one yes. I had a friend tell me that I should keep writing because this book is the book. But, truthfully between me and the 5900 of you guys, she never read anything I wrote nor bought a copy. Her response was, ” I’m not a big reader, but if you read to me on the phone.” I even gave her some for free and one day I saw them in the back of the car under the seat. I thought myself, ” pull the knife out why don’t you, lol.

Other than all of that things are okay. I’m feeling a little bit better day by day, I’ve been swiping right on Tinder, applying for new jobs that will hopefully only allow me to work 40 hours a week and not 55, and waiting to see if God will actually bless me with the desires of my heart this year. I mean even if I don’t get all of my desires, some are better than none. The devil is busy and is trying to attack my health. I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes and dangerously low iron which is the result of the sleepiness all the time. Now i have to see if my uterine fibroids are back, which I don’t have time for. My friend told me to consider getting a sperm bank baby since I’m 36 and single. Again, why is she my friend? Lol. Sure, once we as women reach a certain age we joke about it, but who acts on it? For those that have I’m not saying you didn’t make the right decision, I’m just saying I am afraid of needles and do not want to have someone give me daily shots of estrogen in my stomach or my ass. No, thank you! Sorry for the visual that must be in your head, lol.

Reading wise I’m re-reading The Wait by Devon Franklin and Meagan Goode. I also read Worry Less and Pray More which is a women’s devotional for anxiety free living. The one I read today just say, ” People come and go out of your life, but there is a three-in-person who remains, God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. Wherever you go God sees you, whatever you are experiencing Jesus is familiar with it,whatever comfort you need the spirit is here giving to me.” I’m glad to hear that because I seem to be the comforter for everyone in my life, but no one asks if I need comfort. I have faith in God’s presence and know that he is going to turn it around late in the midnight hour. Okay, I’ve given you the play by play of my life from the last three months. Circumstance and time changes, I know things will get better on the health front, the gifts that God will make room for and the new friends and family that he will place before me one day. If you’ve read this far, you are a real one. Thanks for being a loyal reader. I’m off to watch Season 3 of Dawson’s Creek and have a little bit of wine. Until next time,

~ Krystol

Changing Paths

Happy Thursday! I must say I am in a GREAT this evening! Let me tell you, I decided to continue to pursue writing as a professional career! I mean, I have tons of content, a degree in writing and lots of experience. Plus, I miss writing. Having to work a job that does not make you happy in your soul and your heart is depressing. I feel like the jobs that I have been working the last 5 years are for survival. Sure, I’ve learned a lot of great skills that I can take with me in my writing, but when you are not following your purpose things are not aligned in your life. This is how I have been feeling lately If I’m being honest with myself.

Do you see that picture? That is how I’ve been feeling, just dead. Working a job that although I’m grateful for it is not giving me the purpose that I need. I want to go back to the times where I blogged about a writing project that I just finished or so many book ideas that I had or a paid writing gig. When was the last time I said THAT! Purpose brings passion and passion brings happiness and happiness brings income, eventually. I can remember my high school English teacher Ms. Conner may she rest in peace tell me that I was a great writer. She even got the opportunity to edit one of my books! Take a look and if you are interested in the read feel free to grab your copy on amazon. Shameless plug I know.

Buy Sweet Innocence on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle

My point is my English teacher saw the gift before I realized what it was. Then again, I used to write poetry when I just started out in high school and my Dad and grandmother used to always give me notebooks to write in. I remember having a typewriter too! Boy, do I miss that! I may just treat myself to one. Moral of this post today is once you realize what you are gifted with and you would do it for free, stick with that and work with it. I owe my writing career and my craft a huge apology for abandoning you for a while. I am back now and will never cheat on you with life again because you are my life. Can you find it in your words to forgive me? I know that may sound silly, but we must fight for what we want in life in order to really be successful in the craft. Well, here’s to getting back in the game and making it to the finish line which is more content and doing this work for a living. Cheers!

Your New Truth

Happy Friday! I hope as you are reading this that you are having an amazing day on purpose! No matter what the days prior did to us, today is our new start. Some of us have a 3 day weekend and I will spend mine reflecting and decluttering not just my apartment, but my mind and my finances.

It is time to start over. Do overs are allowed no matter how old you are or where you are in life. I am in my mid-30s and I swear in my mind my do-over is almost daily, lol! This brings me to having a new truth. Being intentional with all areas of your life and live in YOUR truth. In my opinion this is a private matter only because you create the life you the want. I’m currently reading The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman. She said, ” your new future begins with your new truth.” I thought, that is it! My new truth is only mine and no one else’s. How you choose to live is no one else’s business but yours. All you can do is be yourself no matter what anyone says about you, even if it is a new version of who you are, stand in your new truth.

I want this blog to capture my financial journey and some new truths along the way. It’s funny I was doing my budget for my next paycheck ( I am a budget by paycheck girl, monthly is too much for me) and I had created a mock budget where I gave myself the income of a previous job so I could save more money in my Emergency Fund. On paper and in my mind the idea was brilliant. I even posted a YouTube video of it and ranted and raved about how a great idea it was. Now, thinking about it, it’s not my truth. I don’t make that salary anymore as I have evolved. If I’m going to have my new truth in all areas of my life, I need to come correct with the finances, too. So, I reverted back to the truth and used what I currently make in order to create my budget. Finances do not have to be difficult nor do we have to trick ourselves that we have more or less. It just is. Either we have what we need or we don’t. It’s okay to adjust your new truth as long as it is still your truth. Regarding finances, what truth are you telling, is it your new one or the old one? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

The Grass Is Greener Syndrome

It has been a while hasn’t it? I have missed the opportunity to use my creativity. Work and personal life situations has come between you and I and it will not happen again or at least for a while. Before I continue, I wanted to give a shout out to a long time viewer and writer friend, Charity. Charity, thank you so much for sending me a e-mail waiting for my next post.

Lately, I have been evaluating my choices in my professional career or lack there of. The goal was to be a paid writer for a living. Well, in some ways it still is. I just have to figure out what style of writing and see who will give me a shot. Currently and for the last 5 years I have worked in the financial services field. But, I notice I don’t last in those roles more than year. Some may call me a ” job hopper” which sounds really harsh even if it is true. But, the term is having The Grass Is Greener Syndrome. This syndrome is moving from job to job when things are not in tune as you feel they should be whether it is an annoying boss, co-worker or the job is not as you expect to me. Some may say this is a flaw and others may say it’s good to experiment and see where you want to end up. But, at the age of 35, I don’t know where I want to be. In all reality we all want to be happy, secure and financial stable. But at what expense? Does it cost us our health? Being up at night worrying about the next day’s work load or that person that you don’t gel with and sighing that you have to deal with him/her? I maybe speaking candidly or freely, but what is the price of security in the work field? I read in an article that one can bring in a six-figure income and still be unhappy with what they do for obtain it. I’ve always been a free-spirited person who doesn’t like to conform to rules or authority of other people. As I dwelve deeper into for myself, I get bored easy. Once something is no longer a challenge for me, I get bored and am ready for the next thing or if things aren’t structured my way, its time to go! The more I write about it here it sounds very divalistic if that is a word. Overall it is not my intent, but I do like things accordingly. Chance is hard for me, nonetheless I try to adapt best as I can.

It makes me wonder why some of us are not satisfied. Why can’t we be grateful for what we have until we are ready for the next best opportunity? The GGS ( Grass is green syndrome) is defined as preventing one from acknowledging what you currently have and appreciating it. The inability to be grateful for what you have is only exacerbated by the fact that you’re constantly looking ahead to what you believe will be better. I shake my head at the definition because this is something that can really prevent one from doing great things within a company. But, I say all of this to say, if you are not happy, find what makes you happy once you believe you know what it is. These are some steps that are helping me re-evaluate the grass I believe may be greener, lol:

1. Stop Reacting, Start Planning 

To break the pattern, you first have to stop reacting. Stop making decisions based on where you are and start making decisions based on where you want to be. 

Take the time to truly evaluate what’s working and what’s not in your current situation, and determine what the right path looks like for the future. Get clear on your preferences. Evaluate your talents and how they are best used in the workplace. Figure out what you want before you ever begin to look at what’s available. 

When you’re unhappy where you are, it’s easy to browse job boards and see potential happiness in anything. Don’t indulge that fantasy.

2. Take Advantage of Where You Are 

As you go through this process of self-evaluation, use the time in your current role to gain as much experience as you can. Soak up knowledge, take on new challenges and build your competencies. You’ll take these things with you wherever you go, so nothing is lost by giving this current position your absolute best. Plus, you’ll ensure you have strong professional references for the future.

3. Execute Your Job Search 

Finally, once you’re clear on what you want in your next role (not just what you don’t want), make a plan for executing a successful job search. Remember, you’re not just looking for any job, you’re looking for the right job. That means you need to customize your resume to perfectly match the role you want, leverage your professional network to find hidden opportunities and be patient. Don’t allow your current dissatisfaction to drive your decisions or push you to accept something that isn’t really what you want. Do your due diligence, ask questions and be discerning. 

It’s worth noting that things may not always play out perfectly, even when you take a more methodical, proactive approach. You can never know for sure what a job is like until you’re actually doing it. However, if you’ve gone through this process as outlined here, and you still end up in a job you’re not happy with, you’ll at least have the satisfaction of knowing that you did everything you could. You’ll learn a great deal from the experience and won’t make the same mistakes again. 

In most cases, even if you don’t end up with the perfect “forever” job, it will still be a good option for a longer period of time than otherwise. Perhaps you can stay for five years, and then continue your pursuit of the next green pasture.

Source: https://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/outside-voices-careers/articles/2017-02-02/the-most-common-reason-for-job-hopping-and-3-steps-to-stop-it

I hope this blog post will be able to help you gain understanding of what you could be feeling. There is nothing wrong with finding the right job no matter what age you. Find your happiness.

Outlining Your Novel 2.0

Hey guys! I’m still around just have been working a lot! Just wanted to reblog and oldie, but goodie. More blogs are coming!

The Krystol Method

Outlining Your Novel

Writer's Write

Like any writer, this is a step in the process where it gets real. By this times character profiles should have been done, the plot sketched out on many different post it notes or a notebook. This is the part where your desk or writing area looks a mess with so many different ideas and levels to your story. Writers outline in many ways. Some do not use an outline at all. Whatever way you fancy, outlining or sorting your ideas is a must. Depending on what of novel you are writing, research is very important and some research can take months or even years to sort through. For example, imagine writing a crime fiction novel. You may have old case files, have suspects to figure out, and more.

When it comes to outlining, think of it as telling a story from the beginning, middle and the…

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Declutter Your Life


Happy Saturday! Tweety bird is one of my favorites! I love her bubbly attitude and outlook on life. She does not have a care in the world and does not need valdiation from anyone. We need to be more like tweety bird! Now that we have lots of down time and it is the spring time, have you thought about spring cleaning? Sure, it’s fun to get organized and get rid of the things you don’t want in the home. They have gotten old and we don’t utilize them anymore.  Once we complete this task, we are refreshed, happier and have space for important things, right? Why don’t we do this with our life’?

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.34.45 AM

How many of you have numbers stored in your phone to people you don’t talk to? If you do talk to them it is because they need something from you be it money, your time or for them to drop their emotional baggage on you so that they can feel better? Or how many of you put up with things and people because you feel it is the right thing to do but it does not add any value to your life but it adds more pressure and stress? Those people and situations don’t belong in your life. Declutter and do a brain dump. I will give you an example, I know a lot of people and used to call them friends. I have been home sick with pnemonia and am quarentined because I am high risk. Now, to those I don’t talk to on a regular or everyday basis won’t know this information, right? However, we are still in a crisis. Out of the 85 contacts in my phone, I only talk to 5 of them daily and 2 out of the 5 are my parents. So, 3 people have called and checked on me to see if I’m just okay. Of course the phone works both ways, but those 80 people I have not spoken to in at least a year. But, when they need to brain dump or ask me for something, my phone rings. Oppurtunists are not good for the soul. Learn the difference between someone actually caring to just needing you for the moment. Once the moment is gone so are they.   This doesn’t just go for friends or family, but situations in life, too. If you are a people pleaser say no. Your mental space and health is more important than to make sure others are okay when they can find another solution to THEIR problem because let’s face it, when in crisis everyone comes to you,  but when you are in crisis who do you have to turn to? The same people that come to you will suddendly make it their business to be unavailable. Declutter your life so you can have the mental space to live free and be happy because happiness is something you create, not anyone else.

Be Productive During This Time


Happy Friday! For those that are working, I know you are excited that this day has come. To those who are home with pay or just at home, this blog is for you. I go back to work on Monday ( from home), but I am a little mad at myself that I wasted 2 whole days watching YouTube and sleeping, lol. Granted I am getting over being sick, but I could have more productive. How, you ask? Well, I have so many books that I need to finish writing and finish reading.  If you read yesterday’s blog, you know I want to blog every day! I’m proud to have stuck to day 2 of consistency.  Nonetheless, my point is to take the time to do some things that you didn’t have time to do because you were working.


If you wanted to start a business, now is your chance! Want to write that book that you’ve been putting off? Do that to. We can’t allow this situation to put fear in us from continued living. I’m going to continue writing and figure out how I can be paid to do just that as a side hustle. Learning is re-learning. Always remain teachable  and the sky is the limit. Taking action steps to do the unthinkable shows not only character, but that you don’t give up. Tell me, what is one thing that you enjoy doing that you would do it for free if it still brings you joy? Whatever that is, figure out how to bring in income doing just that. It just maybe your calling. I know I am. Be Productive. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.