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Hello potential employers!

Below is a copy of my writer’s resume along with some writing samples! If you are interested in me writing your editorial, publications, magazines, etc. Please do not hesitate to shoot me an e-mail at Thanks in advance and have a great day!

Thanks so much for your interest of hiring me to write for your company! I have many years of experience in this field as an employee and as someone who has received their MFA in Creative Writing specializing in Copy, Content, Game, Magazine, TV, Freelance, Technical and Screenwriting. This position would definitely utilize my research and writing skills more thoroughly.   As a potential candidate with over 10 years of experience in the writing arenas, my key areas of expertise include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Produce literary compositions, articles, reports, books and other texts
  • Excellent Writing and Communication Skills
  • Written Copy in the form of books, journalism, editorial articles and more
  • Perform research on various topics, analyze and interpret findings by breaking down data, and uncovering news worthy stories.

I have a proven track record of responsibility, integrity and commitment to company objectives. I am comfortable working independently or as part of a team, and I firmly believe that your needs and my skills are an excellent match. In addition to all of this I possess impeccable personal and work references which I can present to you when we meet. I am negotiable when it comes to salary for this position. Thank you for taking the time to consider me. I am willing to relocate at the company’s expense. If I am not chosen for this position, thank you for taking the time to consider me.

Yours sincerely,

Krystol Diggs


Objective: A highly dedicated professional with education, analysis, and writing correspondence skills gained from diverse work and academic opportunities



  • Creative and Business Writing
  • HyperResearch Software
  • Editing
  • SAP Software
  • Social Networking/SEO/SEM
  • MS Office Suite w/Excel
  • Strong Communication and written skills
  • Knowledge of new data sources
  • Qualitative/Quantitative Research


VAST ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTIONS, Beverly Hills, CA                                                        2014-2016


  • Collaborate with executive staff to collect data for development and maintenance of social media sites.
  • Write promotional content for several sites and conduct analysis to determine best SEO terms to populate traffic.
  • Script Reader
  • Developmental Writer

CNN I-REPORT Atlanta, GA                                                                                                                   2013-2016


  • Contribute original articles reflective of current social issues as well as celebrity interviews.
  • Consistently utilize AP guidelines and SEO language to maximize readership.
  • Successfully gained 800,000 reads of a single article highlighting social injustice experienced by a celebrity couple.

RAW TALENT MAGAZINE Wilmington, Delaware                                                                                            2010-2013


  • Scouted clients and models to be on the cover and a part of the magazine
  • Made code calls to potential featured artists
  • Edit magazine content
  • Wrote magazine content for the magazine

MEASUREMENT INCORPORATED, Charlotte, NC                                                                          2012-2013


  • Served on multidisciplinary teams organized to provide fair evaluation and scoring services for public education systems, state government entities and other organizations.
  • Adhered to strict guidelines and time constraints to aid in project completion.
  • Participated in ongoing training and attained mastery of varied scoring criteria for each project assigned.
  • Edit writing and essay assessments
  • Collaborated with team members to recalibrate scoring and ensure accuracy in alignment with rubrics.

I-FASHION NETWORK, Manhattan, NY                                                                                                   2013-2014


  • Writing articles that deal with fashion of various topics
  • Meet deadlines of articles, webpage, and websites
  • Research content dealing with fashion
  • Working with Editor of Fashion Network
  • Interview Models
  • Cover Fashion Trends
  • Produce articles




  • Designed engaging curriculum to address the social, academic and employment needs of teen mothers.
  • Helped plan and execute education and outreach programs to prevent teen pregnancy.
  • Facilitated group discussions and led counseling sessions for teen mothers.
  • Wrote pamphlets, programs and copy for website.
  • Assisted with clerical duties such as filing, typing of meeting minutes and preparing documents for participation in meetings with the Delaware State Board of Education.



 Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing

Full Sail University, Winterpark, FL

Bachelor of Science, Behavioral Science

Wilmington University, Newcastle, DE

Doctor of Philosophy, Psychology (ABD)

Walden University, Minneapolis, MN


Below are writing samples in the style of copy, content, interviews and more:

Writing Sample #1 (Technical/Content):

Title: Don’t Skip This Crucial Step in Your Recruitment Programme

Deciding to bring more people on board in a company is significant when it comes to the hiring process. One wants the right fit and the kind of people who will bring out the best in the company. With any business there always comes a time when hiring has to launch. Choosing to bring on new workers does not necessarily mean that the company is doing bad or suffering, but it to enhance the company in an enhanced way. For some recruitment teams, this can be a rewarding task, or an unnerving one. No matter the process, there is a product/products that can help all parties. Before that, resumes are to be reviewed; interviews to be had, and hiring can be a lengthy process. There are many steps that some employers may choose to omit, or even speed along, which can be overlooked. It would be ideal if recruiters were able to use their judgment and hire with their first mind, but the real world works different. The recruitment team is very conscious and wise in choosing whom to bring aboard their company. Having success in the hiring process is vital for not just the team, but the company as well.

Successfully, after the interviewing process, companies can debrief and go over each candidate and their application as a group and/or team. Instead of deliberating for hours with a team, here is a great product that can do the work for you in less the time! Launch Pad Recruit products can assist with your recruiting needs by creating a smarter solution where you, the employer will not have to struggle by reinventing the wheel. Why work harder than you already have to, right? Reading this you must be thinking, how can Launch Pad Recruit Products better my hiring process and company. Here’s how:

  • With Launch pad Recruit products, we offer quick screening and interview process that will pin point exactly the kind of person needed based on their skills.
  • Utilizing video interviews and assessments will make it easier to sort through the many applicants.
  • Incorporating Launch Pad Verify will handle all data analytics during the process and support the hiring team with fair hiring decisions.

Regarding Launch Pad Recruit Products, these products handle the debriefing, testing, assessments and sorting for you. The company and hiring staff will be pleased to see how great the product is able to assist with bring on board an addition to the company’s family.

Writing Sample #2:

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Writing Sample 3:

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