Book Review: The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas (Spoilers)

The Hate You Give

Title: The Hate You Give

Author: Angie Thomas

My Rating: 4 stars

My Review:

This book was a buddy read that I did with one of my subscribers on my YouTube channel, ” Krystol the book worm”.  I will say that this book was hyped up which made me go out and purchase it. I REALLY enjoyed reading with this my friend Janay, but it was hard to read. I wish this story was based on fiction alone instead of real life incidents. The book is about a high school girl named Starr who live in the ” hood” or a bad area in an urban community. She goes to a private school where she and another student are the only black ones there. Starr witnesses two deaths in her life where her friends are killed, one by a cop and one with a stray bullet. I didn’t cry while reading this book, but it did make me upset. I won’t get into any racial debates on my blog, but the book is based on racial profiling by an unarmed African American boy and a Caucasian officer. The situation was sad all way around, but Starr was very brave and she pressed on as best as she could.

In this book, I wanted to see the officer get justice instead of a slap on the wrist. The book does not entail what happened to the officer, just that he would not be charged for the crime. It makes me wonder what other races who are not African American thought about the book and overall story.


My Current Read


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This book is VERY popular on book tube and in the world right now. I look forward to reading it soon. Have you read this one?