My Week In A Nutshell

Hey Readers!

Happy Saturday, to you! Boy, this week has been something else! I mean it was eventful, but stressful as well. I started a new job and although I’m grateful, I started to feel like I was taking steps backwards. Don’t get me wrong the pay is amazing, but the content of the position is like ugh. Working in a call center at a bank is daunting, but rewarding. I know you maybe thinking, ” Krystol, what are you talking about?” Let me vent and express my feelings. We all know that writing is my passion and life. It’s what I want to do, so taking a job to work in yet another call center is where I feel like I’m backwards. But, I am praying that I change my mindset for Monday. It’s the first day we get on the phones and my anxiety is through the roof. Now, I know you maybe thinking again, ” Krystol, this isn’t your first call center job.” I know, but the system is new and it seems like I’m solving a jigsaw puzzle.

But, did I also mention that this job isn’t the DREAM job. Granted, I am sure everyone feels that way working there, but ugh! We gotta start somewhere, right? Of course, I consulted and sulked to my mom who said, ” Never stop applying for the dream job, but be grateful for the one you have.” It’s easier said than done. I mean, this week I had a great first day, then it kind of went down hill. I don’t fit in with the other workers ( not that I have to) and all of a sudden the thought of being on the phones is annoying to me, lol. I feel like I didn’t go to school and get all of these degrees to work in a call center and talk on the phone all day.

New Idea, Need YOUR advice


I’ve had this idea for a while of starting my own column. I want to call it, ” Krystol Speaks” where people ask me advice on writing, their situations, and more. When I used yo write for a magazine, I pitched it to the CEO and she didn’t like it. So, they say, ” When you want something done, you have to do it yourself.” I want to do just that. What do you guys think? Would you read it or care to ask my advice? My goal is to get a domain name for this blog and write on Krystol Speaks about three times a week. Hopefully, I can create a job by sharing it with future employers like NewYork Times or even Huffington Post, or anywhere. Then goal is to write for a living. If you think I should go with it, thanks for your support. If not, that’s okay, I will still do it anyway, lol.

Writing With Anxiety



I know you may be thinking that this blog is a little far fetched or weird but it does happen. Anxiety is something that most writers may get from time to time. I’m feeling it right now! I guess its the nerves and being excited about working on projects that for some reason they don’t get finish. I hate to admit but i’m one of those people to start and stop but once I’m on a roll I get it done! Writing can be therapeutic and also exciting! But, when you have so much on your mind that you aren’t writing freely ( like me lately) it can be dragging. I miss the excitement of writing a story and a new piece or having great ideas. I still have those ideas but it’s like when will I get it done. Okay, I have one thing to say about that:  1. SCREW SOCIAL MEDIA!  Yes, I said it! It’s the devil for writers because it distracts the hell out of us. Don’t you agree? I mean like right now I have my facebook going off, twitter, and LinkedIn up. I need to take it all down, take a deep breathe and just write. Sounds easy enough, right? WRONG!! For some reason my anxiety has to deal with me. It makes me wonder if I’m afraid to succeed or fail. I want to succeed very much. That will be my focus.   Here are some articles that will help you keep focus and not procrastinate like i’ve been!  

1.    (This truly helped me) 

2.  (My favorite) 

When anxiety hits with your writing it’s best to take a breather and keep going! It’s what I’m doing now and as I continue to write this blog, I’m feeling a lot better. I’m determined to be successful in my writing!! You will be too. It’s cool..hey WE got this!  


Be blessed and keep writing!