Book Review: Every Little Step by Bobby Brown

Every Little Step

Title: Every Little Step

Author: Bobby Brown

My Rating: 5 stars

My Review:

I must say that I was on the band wagon late when this book came out. Being a Bobby Brown fan, I was so excited to finally hear his truth from over the years. Being accused of having one the most famous women on drugs could take a toll on a person. Bobby Brown never got slack for his late wife Whitney Houston’s drug use. It was sad and upsetting for me when I read his story. Someone as talented as he was/is to have a hard life growing up into his adult years. I won’t give any spoilers on this book, but I will say that I am glad that Bobby is happy in his life. Aside from loosing his daughter Bobby Kristina (and even loosing Whitney), I am glad that he was able to continue to move on with his life.