Meet and Greet @ Dream Big: 6/11/16

I know it’s been a while since I have blogged, but I ALWAYS enjoy networking. I have done this before and it is great for meeting new friends and getting even better content! Check it out!

Vintage Is Still New

Clothes: Vintage Is Back


 Vintage clothing has come back and is a force to be reckoned with. In all fairness it has never left, it’s just been restored. Plaid, polka dot, even wool just to name a few has made its way back up the fashion chain. That ugly curtain that you may not have liked at your grandparents house has now been turned into a skirt! It’s all about taking the old trend and making it new! Kudos to the designers with the great creativity!  

When you go into a department store today there is always something that is vintage whether it’s a shirt, shorts, jewelry and even shoes. Bringing back the old trends doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  It shows that one has a style all its own. Those gloves that you wear with you outfit may be just the very things to set it off and make it unique.  After all it is your own unique style. It’s been said that your style determines your personality. There may be some people who don’t like vintage clothing and that’s okay, but for those that do, wear it to the best of your ability!

 If it looks good and you feel good wearing it, by all means rock it! You are only as confident as you feel. No matter what fabric, year, style, make or model your clothes were from if you like it flaunt it. We shouldn’t be judged based on what we wear, if it makes us feel good. Vintage is the new style, the new era of bring back the previous styles and giving it a fresh up to date style for the everyday woman. Wear what makes you, you, but remember it’s in with the vintage because the vintage is still new!


What’s On Your Writer’s Bucket List?


I know that many of you have heard of a bucket list, right? Well for those who don’t know what it is, a bucket list is a list of things to do before you die. Some people want to bungee jump and other’s want to get a tattoo. Whatever floats your boat, it’s on that list! Don’t get me wrong, a bucket list for life’s rewards is cool, but what about us writers? Can’t we have a writer’s bucket list? I have never heard of it, but today, it will exist in this blog and in my life. Since having a degree in Creative Writing, my genres of writing has really been high. I mean, I’ve learned to write for animation. How cool is that? This just goes to show that a writer has endless possibilities when it comes to their craft. So, what is on your writer’s bucket list? I know it may take a while to give it some thought. Recently, I had applied for an internship for Fashion Network. Granted, I’m not at all REALLY into fashion, but I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone. I was nervous and even scared. I mean, what do I write about? I had an interview with the CEO and I had to write a portfolio on him. I was scared shitless! In my mind I’m thinking, ” Wait, so I have to write a profile on the CEO of the Fashion Network?” I mean, come on, talk about pressure right? His only instructions were to get my information from anywhere and have it to me in an hour. Yikes! Talk about heavy deadline. So, I went to my best friend (google), yes, men, google is a woman because she knows everything. :), I found research and wrote the portfolio. There I was sitting there, palms sweaty, forehead starting to glisten and then I should said, ” Krystol, just hit send already!” I sent it, and the editor gave me the position. Now, my story was told because on my bucket list it was to write something that I wasn’t familiar with. Fashion I am not familiar with. Trust me folks, it is more then just pretty colors and outfits out there in the fashion world. Kudos to you designers, for real! To my fellow writers, have you written a writer’s bucket list? If so please, post it in the comments, Id love to see it. As always be safe, be blessed and KEEP writing! Writer’s make the world go round if you ask me. I mean we give people things to watch, the news, movies,  books, magazines, products and more. It all started with writer’s. If you don’t believe me, who were you able to read if you couldn’t write?

My Writer’s Bucket List

1. Write a novel- Done and currently continue to do

2. Write a screenplay-Done and currently continue to do

3. Write for a magazine- Done and currently continue to do

4. Win a Screenwriter’s Award

5. Win an Oscar for best screenplay

6. Write with Justin Timberlake

7. Write for a Company

8. Write for a Network

9. Write a Tv Pilot

10. Write a book on Writing

11. Co-write a screenplay with John Singleton and Quentin Tarinteno

12. Get an agent and talk about my writing

13. Meet Ann M. Lamott and talk books over lunch

14. Meet Judy Blume

15. Have lunch with Stephen Spielberg

16. Work with Tyrese Gibson

I’ve shown my list..what ever comes first will happen. I dare you to post yours!