Power Through


I figured this picture would be fitting for everything that is going on. We are over it and we want our lives back to normal.  This is only temporarily and I belive that things will get better. If you are home from work like me, keep a routine going. My day today consists of writing a novel that I need to finish and taking some time out to read. I’m currntly reading two books right now The Richest Man of Babylon by George Clason and Novebmer 9th by Colleen Hoover. My grandmother alwahys said, ” the mind is a terrible thing to waste.”


Keep powering through! Delayed does not mean denied. Whatever you want to do in life whether it is a goal, dream, for work, etc it will happen. Keep the faith. It will be worth the wait. As I take the time to encourage my readers, I’m also speaking for myself. I’m home for 2 weeks with pnemonia that is clearing up nicely thanks to faith, prayer and medicine. I’ve always had a weak immune system from being born premature so I am staying inside and taking precautions. But, I will not let that stop me. Life is still be lived! I’m doing the things I love the most, read, write and watch YouTube videos on budgeting and financing.

I’m Getting To The Money

Organized Finance

With everything that is going on money is at the forefront. Take the time you need to make arrangements in your budget if you have one. If not, my budget jounral is a personal journal for you to organize your finances and start that budget. But, if here are some tips to do at home right now to free up any extra cash you may need.

I have been doing a challenge for myself where I save any money that I have on hand and wasn’t using. It’s been about 4 weeks and I have saved about $350 in cash. Of course I didn’t know this was going to happen, but I’m glad that I am prepared. I am the type of person to always think ahead and not just live in the now.  Some people have a different approach and want to spend their money because they worked hard for it, and that is their choice. Follow to the beat of your own drum.

  1.  Pay Only The Minumum Or Put Payments on Hold – With the virus and things still being do, don’t make an extra payment just yet. Just pay your minimum balance on ALL of your bills and that extra payment, put it in savings or just keep it in your account.  Or if you are able see if you can stop payments altogether until things are somewhat back to normal.
  2. Call Companies- There are many companies that are putting payments on hold and providing free services while the pandemic is going on. I.E, Comcast, Electric, Internet and even cell phone bills. Now, just because you don’t have to pay it right now does not mean you get a FREE MONTH.
  3. Shop From Home First – Depending on your circumstances if you are quarentined in the house or not, first go through your pantry and take inventory of what you have. Shop from home first and make a meal plan so when you do go shopping or have someone go for you, you will know exactly what you need.
  4. Buy In Bulk (If You Can) – There are stores such as BJ’s, Sam’s Club, or even Costco where you can buy meats and other groceries in bulk in order to have more for times like this. If you do not have a membership to any of these places, it’s okay. Buy the family pack of meals and seperate them. Leg quarters are VERY CHEAP and you can get like 10 pouds for like $4. Take them home, clean them, and cut them in half and you have double the amount of food. Now, I know food is scarce in the grocery store, but don’t stock up too much, be mindful of those who may still need to buy groceries and can’t come at the moment.
  5. Stay Safe – If it is not mandatory to go out, please don’t. I know some people still have to work and if you do please be careful. Take all the safety measures that you can during this time.


Having More Than One Dream, Is It Possible?


Good morning, readers! It is about 7:45am and my day started at 7. I have a new schedule at work that I’m not fond of, but we are here. I am grateful for the little things so that I can be blessed with bigger! Yesterday, I was watching a church sermon from Bethany Baptist church! If you guys are not familar, check them out on Facebook every Sunday, they go live. One of the messages that stood out to me was, ”  figure out what you want to change in the world and focus on that.” The Bishop said that is where your passion lies. Now, my 18 year old self had SO many things that I wanted to contribute to the world and I’m thinking about that as my 35 year old self! Speaking of, I’m REALLY 35. Like, where did the time go? I mean, I remember graduating high school and taking my senior pictures. Anywho, the statement really had me thinking because there are only two things that come to mind. Writing and Finance. Which brings me to our topic today. Is it possible to have more than one dream? Of course!!  Why not? I follow Kumiko aka The  Budget Mom and she said something that was SO profound. She said, ” Let’s stop leaving the big dreams to millionaires!”


There is nothing wrong with have more than one passion. We are gifted in so many things. I’ve been told that I’d make a great counselor, accountant, writer, even speaker. Believe it or not, I am not fond of speaking in front of crowd’s. But, who knows I may have a passion for it later in life. If you see something that you quickly develop a knack for or it comes easy to you, look deeper into that. It maybe a new passion or gift. I love to write, but I have not been writing a lot. Dealing with the stress of student loan debt and figuring out how to pay it off with my small salary( at least not enough to really put a dent in my loans) was taking up so much in my mind. But, NO MORE! The debt will be there until it’s not. As long as I am making more than my minimum payment, that will suffice for now. Cinderella once said, ” A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep.” There is truth to that! When I lay down at night, I dream about  budget coaching and helping people manage their finances. This is something that I want to do as a side hustle for now and continue my writing endeavors. But, when you become self employed, to me its’ hard to find people who will pay your services. I just need to look and find the people that will respect my craft and my passion and will actually want the services.

Having dreams is something that should not frustate, but it should excite you. Make a plan and then put action behind it. Do not allow anyone to tell you what is good for you and your life. If that dream is to become a chef, cook everyday. Start allowing people you don’t know to try your meals. Get an internship or a part time job at a resturant. As long as you are passionate about it, others will start to take notice, too. I’ve talked about my writing and my finance passions at work. It’s funny, I could see people judge or smirk from afar. One girl said, ” Well if you have done all of this and you like finance, why are you here?” I often get that question a lot! My answer is, ” Well, I have several streams of income and this just happens to be 1 of them.” Then she got quiet. In a sense, I’m not lying, lol. I do get royalties from my books when they sell and I will try to make a way to get money from this blog as well. See, potential revunue for your work! But, this goes to show, you can not tell everyone your passion and dreams. Just like that girl who asked, ” well why are you here and the other looks I got.” They are not happy that I have more than one dream or even income. They are called ” haters”. With haters you have to erase them from your mind and keep going. She could have simply said, ” That’s great that you do more than one thing or how does this job that we do correlate with your passions?” It could have been many questions asked. But, yet, she thinks I’m lying about my other income streams because I’m working their full time. But, here’s the thing. We are not responsible for what other people think about us. It’s simply none of our business. Now that I know how she is, I will just not speak anymore on the subject matter. Once you know your dreams, take the time and patience to see them through.

You Decide


Good day, everyone! I hope this Saturday finds you well and in the best spirits. Where I am located it is raining and I just want to sleep. But, I have to work tomorrow so currently, I am washing clothes and getting things ready for dinner. I’m going to try and get back into meal prepping.

In the grand scheme of things, I am focusing on my writing yet again. I had a nice chat with my YouTube subscribers aka ” the achievers” and the amount of support and encouragement that I got from them was overwhelmingly thoughtful. Granted, I go through spells when I say I’m over writing or it’s not bringing me the success that I thought it should. That is a bunch of nonsense! My heart is the pen, my mind is the pen, the soul…is the PEN! I can’t shy away from something that I am feel I am called to do. I just hate that I am cheating on writing with life. I should always have time for my first love, even if my life seems to be in disarray at times.  With that being said, writing also includes this here blog. So, I want you guys to decide what I should write about and focus on. Should it be, a finance blog? Writing blog? A little of both? I want to know what you guys want to read from me. And a goal of mine is to get  to 10k subscribers here on my blog. Think I can do it?


Money, Why Are You Stressing Me Today?


The Love Of Money
I want to love you, but today you are making it hard.

I was fine all day until now. It’s currently 9:35pm and I’m here pestering about you. Sure, they say you don’t grow on trees, but right now, it’s like you are growing in my mind and I am going to mentally combust! I blame you, money. This is all your fault! My dilemma is trying to figure out how to make you and keep you around AND still be happy with that choice. In my mind, I want to make you where you I have passion and purpose. But, I’m in a rut trying to figure out what that is. What is it? Money, do you know?


I want to make so much of you, but I want the task to make you is fun. Lately, I notice that I have a passion for you. Your real name is finance and I’m all over you. I love learning all that you bring to the table with different entities like personal finance, debt, credit card, financial advisor, everything that I’m learning you are standing for I am here for it. You are my new passion in so many different ways. I have to use you to pay my bills, my student loan debt, you help me budget. But, I tell you where to go for my budget and you listen. Unlike my ex boyfriends, but that is another story. We will NOT go there money. I’ve used you for those clowns, but you taught me a valuable lesson. If I don’t take care of you, you will disappear.  At this time in my life I’m learning so much about you which is great.

On the other hand, writing is a passion as well and I’m trying to make you while doing that. Right now, I work in your industry, in the corporate world, but I want better with you, with us so we can always be together. Just like everyone else, I want to have as much as you as possible while having fun earning you. Earning your trust.  The stress of you is how to make you with my passions. I love you, finance and I love the written words called writing. How do I intertwine them both to make you more successfully? I’ve prayed on it and even reached out to other writers on twitter who have been amazing. I met one tonight named Julienne and she helped me tremendously! Thanks, Julienne!  By the way, her work was featured in the New York Times! It feels good to know that writers still look out for other writers. My goal is to make as much of you as possible so I can be debt free.  Now, that I’ve had the chance to talk to you, I feel less tense and I’m more relaxed. With that being said, I’m grateful for you, I appreciate you sticking around when others haven’t and thanks for making me feel secure. Glad we had this talk. Until next time, keep growing for others in terms of promotions, raises, income, and continue to bless many with you abundantly.

A Review of Clever Girl Finance: Am I Really Learning?

Hey Readers!


I hope all is well with everyone. Thus far I can say that 2018 has been a monumental year so far. I look forward to what 2019 will have in store for me. One thing that I wanted to mention is a movement or empowering community/group that I belong to. It’s called Clever Girl Finance. Make sure you check out the website. It’s pretty amazing.

Twitter Image

I first learned about CGF in YouTube. The channel and company is founded by a woman named Bola who has become one of my financial mentors if you will. This new way of living and learning about my personal finances has shown me that I can acheieve my finance goals. Now, I know you maybe asking, well what are you learning?

Good question! On the website, there are several teachings from powerful women in finance who have had their own journey whether it’s getting out of debt, starting their own business or just being financially free. There are coureses that one must take that includes debt, budgeting and saving, insurance, investing and more. There is even a book club which is my favorite! The books are about working on your credit, personal financies, investing, buying a home, real estate and more.

These courses are VERY cheap too. You can pay $100 for everything or $10 a month and you have a year to finish the courses.  Check out the link when you click on the word courses.  Not bad, right? Right now I am on the first step of achieving my goals. This includes transforming my mindset regarding money, a money challenge, creating a budget and more.

If you have read my other blogs you know I’ve already mastered my financies and have a budget, but the course will be a refresher.  Another thing that I love about clever girl finance is that you can watch interviews with other successful women like Stacey Flowers and Natalie Bacon! Stacey and Natalie both have their own YouTube channels where they talk about how they become debt free and saved a lot of money. It’s VERY inspring for me.

Pritorities 1

I’m learning to not be afraid of my money. When I mean afraid, I mean not being scared to talk about my debt and knowing that it is okay to save money even if it means not having much of a social life for a while. My financial goals are going to be met in time. The group and girls of CFG all have one thing in common, to be as financially stable as we can.

We talk on Facebook and even have our own accountability partners! Now, to me, this is better than taking an online course for college, lol. At least with CGF, we work at our own pace and don’t have a deadline like you would in school, lol. It feels good to belong to a community where people understand where I’m coming from and they get me. Now a days since I’ve been on this finance journey, people will look at me funny or not understand when I mention a ” sinking fund” or even an ” emergency fund”. Here I belong and I’m not judged for wanting to get out of debt. You’d be surprised at how people will judge you based on your financial planning for YOUR life.

What has been most impactful to me is the book club and my accountability partner, Stacy. Don’t get me wrong, the courses are great, but I take my time with it because it is so much important information. I want to be a sponge and really grasp what my assignments are and how to utilize them in my life.

The books are very helpful and they give assignments too, which I admire. Learing is re-learning, and my grandfather always told me, ” you are never too old to learn anything.” Plus, I’m a book worm so I gravitate more toward books. My accountability partner is like my person I tell all of my money dreams and desires too, lol. We have great conversations and I admire them.

The one thing I look forward to is learning about investing and credit.  I’m interested to see how I can use what I learn from these courses in my real life. Credit is one of those sensitive subjects. Some feel it is needed and others like Dave Ramsey think otherwise. I however, do think credit is important because it is part of financial responsibility in your life. I won’t preach about credit, but I will say if you are looking to get on a financial journey, give Clever Girl Finance a chance. We welcome you with open arms, great advice and awesome tips on how to get your finances in order no matter what your goals are.

Getting Real With Your Finances

The Love Of Money

This blog is a bit different from others. It’s a different focus or scope of topic. Some may love this topic and some may dread this topic because they have to be real with themselves. Yep. I’m talking MONEY. Cream, Chedda, Dollar dollas bills, y’all!  Yes! There comes a point in every one’s life where they have to get real with their finances. I mean, if you won’t who will?

Let’s just get down to business. Where do we start? The beginning. I challange EVERYONE to get a copy of their credit report. If everything looks right, get a piece of paper and a calculator and write down your debt. I know what you must be thinking, ” Krystol, I owe a lot of money!” It’s okay. Breathe. Trust me, when I did this and realized I only had student loans a few medical bills from previous years, I wanted to through the entire calculator away. Being 211,000 in debt is no picnic. If your numbers are less than mine, consider yourself lucky.  Now, once you’ve written your debt, put it to the side.



Yes, the B word is a must whether you are trying to get out of debt or even trying to save some extra cash. You would be surprised of how much money you will have left over if you just buy your wants and not your needs. Before you write out all of your bills, look at the month’s previous expenses. Where are you spending too much? What can you cut back on? Take the time and think about it. Talk it over with your spouse or significant other if you have one. Once you have all of the bills laid out. Ask yourself, what do I really need? Once you know the TOTAL of all of your bills that you need, that is YOUR number, You know you have to have that amonut every month.  I’ll use my own number as an example.

My number is : $1,096.99

That number is how much my bills total to be every month. It was $1,300.00. Let me explain what I did.

After I totaled all of my bills, I decided to cut back a lot. I was spending $206 every two weeks on eating out! Yikes! When I saw that number, I was like oh no! Forget that. Now, I only spend $50 every other week if that. Now, I order out less and cook more. So, here is my break down budget using MY real numbers.

$Rent – $750.00

$ Cable ( Used to be $94 a month)

$Internet only – $60.00 ( saving $35 because I turned cable off)

$ Netflix _ $7.99

$ Electric $40-$60 tops now that it isn’t the summer

$Cell Phone – $20 (saved $60 by having ONLY unlimited talk and text. I use wifi for data at home and at work)

$Car Insurance $124 ( I paid cash for my car so no car payment)

$Renters Inc $15

$Food – $80 ( My food budget used to be $100 every two weeks. Now, it’s $40 every other week)

$Gas – $20 a month ( I live very close to my job and grocery stores)

This is it. I’m not paying student loans right now because they are in deferment.

Saving Money


I know this next topic is hard for everyone! I get it. I sucked at savings, until I got serious and really wanted to learn about money. Savings can be fun and a great challange. Many people save in different ways by:

  1. Saving 10% of your paycheck into a savings account ( I do this automaticaly. As soon I get paid money goes straight to that account. Can’t afford to save 10% of your paycheck? No, problem. Start with $25-50 and LEAVE IT ALONE!! Trust me it ADDS up. 
  2. Piggy Bank- Some people keep money at home in a piggy bank. This is a great concept for adults,too.
  3. Money Challenges – There are SO many different money challenges out there like the 26 week challege. After 26 weeks you will have $1,378 saved. The 52 week challange is the same as well where you put a certain amount in savings every week. I’m currently doing the 26 week challenge and putting a certain amount of money in every pay.  For example, 1 week is $3, second week is $7 and so on and so forth.  Singles challenge, is a good one too. I’m currently doing this as well. How this works is that you save ALL of your single $1 for a period of time. For example, I’m saving mine for 6 months. I started two days ago and already have $35 in singles saved. Not bad, right?
  4. High Yield Savings Account. Some people put money in a savings accont that has a high interest rate. This means you will earn a little more money just by keeping money in your account.  For example, I have a high yield savings account with the interest rate of 1.85% APY, the more money I add in, I get a little extra on top of that! Not bad, right?
  5. Saving Your Change. This is another way to save money. My grandfather was the KING of this challange. He’d have money in his fishing buckets, jars and in pennt wrappers. When he passed away we found them and he had $500 in pennies and , $300 in quarters. I can remember taking it to the bank with my grandmother. Who knew how much saving your change could really add up. I’m currently doing this as well with a big old popcorn container, lol.
  6. Left Over Money. Okay, so you know how I told you my number is $1,096.99? Without overtime, my income is $2,099 a month (this is after my 401k 6% with employee match of 6% as well, and an employee stock plan where I buy shares at a discounted rate through my job as well. If your employer matches your 401K, PLEASE take advantage, that is FREE money. If you can’t afford to do the 100% matchm at least start with 3%.  With overtime, I make ($2,500). So, subtract my monthly income from my total of bills for the month and you get $1,002.01. What do you think I do with that left over money? You’re right SAVE IT! I have $208 a month going to my high yield savings account and the $794.01 in my other savings account. But, in total I’m able to save $1000 a month. Imagine what I’m have in 6 months or 1 year?!! Now, if I need things like my hair done, money in my pocket, or other items like cleaning and hygeine products, I will use my credit card for that and it’s usually $100 in total between both of my credit cards. This way I’m keeping my card utilization down AND building my score. I don’t use what I can’t afford to pay in cash. Plus, I buy those things in bulk where they will last a few months at a time. For clothes I have a charge card at my favorite store and again, I only spend $50 and can get great deals.
  7. Adjustments. There will be time where you will have to adjust your budget or make it work for you. For me, I am single with no children so I only have to worry about me at the moment.

Living Below Your Means

The thing is not over spending and saving where you can. Some people are not as anal as I am with my savings plan, but I have a goal to reach. My financial goals are to have my Emergency fund fully stocked and money for a rainy day because you never know what may happen. One could loose their job, get laid off or anything.  There are so many people who are trying to ” keep up with the Jonese’s” and they don’t even know them. You are buying materiaistic things that loose value as soon as you take it off the lot or even leave the store. Is it worth it? Not to me. I want to make sure that I can take care of myself just in case. My goal is to live as a minimalist and only have what I need. I can splurge and treat myself sometimes, but of course that will be in the budget. I hope this post will help you with your own finance journey.

Book Review: The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

Good evening

Hey Readers!!! I have a book review for you! Check it out by clicking the link!