The Frustrations Of A Debt Free Journey

Happy Friday

Hey Readers!

I hope that everyone’s Friday is going well. My day started out to be very stressful. I always try to talk positive on my blog, but I am also keeping it real, too. Being on a debt free jounrey is not easy for me. I’m currently reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad and it’s teaching me so much! I am grateful for the author, Richard. On the other hand, I have a plan on how to get out of debt, but on the other hand, it still seems impossible. Let me explain.


I’ve decided to start Baby Step 2 in the Dave Ramsey plan. BS2 is to pay ALL of your debt, My debt is currently at $211,000. I know I loose my breath everytime I think about the number. To prepare I have also been saving my money in an Emergency Fund so that way I can have a cushion. Let’s face it. $1000 is NOT ENOUGH for a starter emergency fund. My frustration is not just about the debt, but also about earning more income to pay it off. Which leads to the next frustrating thing.  Income. My current income is 38k. I’m looking for side hustles and even another job making more money.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaing at all. These student loan debts are just that mine. It just sucks that I’m not even working in ANY of the fields that I have degrees in. At least that would make me feel a little better.

Plan Of Action

How do I tackle such a big amount? Well, I’m going to pay as much as I can on my student loans while continuing to try to get more income as a writer. Writing is my passion and it’s what I want to do for a living. I also want to bring personal finance in the mix as well since I enjoy it so much. Being on this journey I am sacficing being an even more nomad or homebody so I can be able to say I’m debt free and help others and different organizations. My heart is in the right place. I just wish the income would follow suit. I know in time it will because there is a man named Jesus who said that he would give me the desires of my heart to make it happen. But, I have an AMAZING support system with Clever Girl Finance and my acocuntability partner, Stacey. They understand the struggle and how real it is. So, I’m taking a deep breath, pulling up my big girl panties and getting to work.


A Review of Clever Girl Finance: Am I Really Learning?

Hey Readers!


I hope all is well with everyone. Thus far I can say that 2018 has been a monumental year so far. I look forward to what 2019 will have in store for me. One thing that I wanted to mention is a movement or empowering community/group that I belong to. It’s called Clever Girl Finance. Make sure you check out the website. It’s pretty amazing.

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I first learned about CGF in YouTube. The channel and company is founded by a woman named Bola who has become one of my financial mentors if you will. This new way of living and learning about my personal finances has shown me that I can acheieve my finance goals. Now, I know you maybe asking, well what are you learning?

Good question! On the website, there are several teachings from powerful women in finance who have had their own journey whether it’s getting out of debt, starting their own business or just being financially free. There are coureses that one must take that includes debt, budgeting and saving, insurance, investing and more. There is even a book club which is my favorite! The books are about working on your credit, personal financies, investing, buying a home, real estate and more.

These courses are VERY cheap too. You can pay $100 for everything or $10 a month and you have a year to finish the courses.  Check out the link when you click on the word courses.  Not bad, right? Right now I am on the first step of achieving my goals. This includes transforming my mindset regarding money, a money challenge, creating a budget and more.

If you have read my other blogs you know I’ve already mastered my financies and have a budget, but the course will be a refresher.  Another thing that I love about clever girl finance is that you can watch interviews with other successful women like Stacey Flowers and Natalie Bacon! Stacey and Natalie both have their own YouTube channels where they talk about how they become debt free and saved a lot of money. It’s VERY inspring for me.

Pritorities 1

I’m learning to not be afraid of my money. When I mean afraid, I mean not being scared to talk about my debt and knowing that it is okay to save money even if it means not having much of a social life for a while. My financial goals are going to be met in time. The group and girls of CFG all have one thing in common, to be as financially stable as we can.

We talk on Facebook and even have our own accountability partners! Now, to me, this is better than taking an online course for college, lol. At least with CGF, we work at our own pace and don’t have a deadline like you would in school, lol. It feels good to belong to a community where people understand where I’m coming from and they get me. Now a days since I’ve been on this finance journey, people will look at me funny or not understand when I mention a ” sinking fund” or even an ” emergency fund”. Here I belong and I’m not judged for wanting to get out of debt. You’d be surprised at how people will judge you based on your financial planning for YOUR life.

What has been most impactful to me is the book club and my accountability partner, Stacy. Don’t get me wrong, the courses are great, but I take my time with it because it is so much important information. I want to be a sponge and really grasp what my assignments are and how to utilize them in my life.

The books are very helpful and they give assignments too, which I admire. Learing is re-learning, and my grandfather always told me, ” you are never too old to learn anything.” Plus, I’m a book worm so I gravitate more toward books. My accountability partner is like my person I tell all of my money dreams and desires too, lol. We have great conversations and I admire them.

The one thing I look forward to is learning about investing and credit.  I’m interested to see how I can use what I learn from these courses in my real life. Credit is one of those sensitive subjects. Some feel it is needed and others like Dave Ramsey think otherwise. I however, do think credit is important because it is part of financial responsibility in your life. I won’t preach about credit, but I will say if you are looking to get on a financial journey, give Clever Girl Finance a chance. We welcome you with open arms, great advice and awesome tips on how to get your finances in order no matter what your goals are.