NanoWriMo Prep, Are you ready?


I’ve come to look forward to this challenge every year no matter what I have going on in my life. This is my way to complete a task and de-stress from life. My life is not the best, but it is not the worst, either. Any way, I am ready to write. I will work on an erotic novel. You guys have seen the cover before, but I will post it again at the end of this post. I am so excited to complete yet another book. This one will be self-published.

Lately, as I have been doing my research and reading writing books, I notice that self-published is the way to go in terms of money, but traditional publishing is better in terms of your work being marketed properly. I must admit, my marketing skills are NO good. Besides you guys, acquaintances, friends and family, I do not know who to pitch to. Okay, let me get back on board here. NanoWriMo! Nano, is a way to get that book completed that you had stashed away from many years. It’s a way for you to achieve that dream of writing a novel. Of course, you determine if you want the world to read it, but the writing part will be done nonetheless.

If you are interested in being a writing buddy, I am KDP Krissy. I’d love to connect with you! We can do writing sprints and talk about our works. I really enjoy making writer friends and I want to do that more. As a writer it is such a lonely world and I feel alone. Others don’t understand because it is not their dream to be successful with words. I would love to hear from you.

My Writing Project For NanoWriMo2017


Tomorrow Is The Day!

Good evening

Hey readers! I must say that I am a bunch of nerves in an exciting way. Tomorrow is the first day of Camp NanoWriMo and I feel like I am going on a date, lol. I proclaim myself to be a writer and now I’m really getting back into doing what I love. I came to the conclusion that I am a YA writer. Sure, I have written mystery, erortica and even thrillers, but this new book if I had to give it a genre, I would say psychological thriller. The characters are young adults, but the genre in itself, I am so excited about it. Woohoo!

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 9.58.49 AM

This is the mindset that I am going to have tomorrow when I am tired from a long work day! I am ready to get started and I have my plans mapped out, scheduled set and etc. I am excited to be getting my own desk on Saturday that I hope my dad can put together for me. We shall see! I don’t want it to sit in a box all day when I could get writing. I feel that I write best in bed or at a desk of some sort. What about you?  Do you ever feel excited about new things even if you have done them before, but they are new again? This is how I feel about Nano. It’s a fresh start to prove to myself that I can get this manuscript completed.  I was at work talking to my boss and he told me to make sure I have time for my dream. I need to make my goals and write since that is my passion. I really have great ideas and outlines for projects that I want to do, but I didn’t have the time. Well, I did not make the time. So in the next month, I will be blogging with my progress more and watching less TV. It dawned on me all of the famous writers that came before me like Stephen King or James Patterson, probably only watched TV as aa form of research. Well, I can do research and still continue to write.

Goals …


I wrote in my journal with my lists and ideas of the goals and outlines that I have for myself. Tonight, I made the outline for my book and goals that I wanted to achieve with this manuscript.

  1. Write the manuscript– Just get the story down and don’t worry about plots, premise or editing.
  2. Obtain an editor– I have an editor in mind for this manuscript. She is my old high school English teacher and I am excited to work with her again. I am not good at grammar myself ( I am still learning), so I want someone who I can trust to tear the book up so I can fix it.
  3. Query Letters– While in the editing process, I will look for people to query (mainly agents) who are in my genre. This will take a lot of research and time to find the top 5 agents. (Yes, I am going traditional publishing with this one).
  4. Re-vise Novel– Once the first round of edits are done, I will re-read the manuscript and make the corrections. This is the part I am most excited about because I get to read my book all over again with fresh eyes.
  5. Back to the editor– After I have made corrections again I will send it back to my editor. She will look over it again with a fine tooth comb and begin again.
  6. Beta Readers– After the 2nd round of edits are done, I will make changes add/delete if need be and then search for beta readers. I have never utilized beta readers before so this area will be new to me. I’m not even going to lie, guys, I used to get my books edited one time and then get it typeset and publish on amazon. PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW IN MY FOOTSTEPS HERE!!!!!!!!! 

My Writing Schedule 

When you become a writer

Here goes nothing! My writing schedule will be a very tight one since I’m doing Nano. I will be writing 1.334 words per day! This is manageable if I stick to my SCHEDULE! Sorry, the caps in bold was for me. So I have this writing goal every day for the next 30 days. It will be difficult at times, but if I stick to the schedule, I will be good.

Monday- Wake up at 6:45 am, shower, eat breakfast and read for a half hour. Work: 8am,-5pm. Get home about 5:30, cook dinner and eat. From 7-8:30 is homework time and from 9-11pm is writing time. 11:30 is bedtime.

Tuesday-Wake up at 6:45 am, shower, eat breakfast and read for a half hour. Work: 8am,-5pm. Get home about 5:30, cook dinner and eat. From 7-8:30 is homework time and from 9-11pm is writing time. 11:30 is bedtime.

Wednesday-Wake up at 6:45 am, shower, eat breakfast and read for a half hour. Work: 8am,-5pm. Get home about 5:30, cook dinner and eat. From 7-8:30 is homework time and from 9-11pm is writing time. 11:30 is bedtime.

Thursday-Wake up at 6:45 am, shower, eat breakfast and read for a half hour. Work: 8am,-5pm. Get home about 5:30, cook dinner and eat. From 7-8:30 is homework time and from 9-11pm is writing time. 11:30 is bedtime.

Friday-Wake up at 6:45 am, shower, eat breakfast and read for a half hour. Work: 8am,-5pm. Get home about 5:30, cook dinner and eat. From 7-8:30 is homework time and from 9-11pm is writing time. 11:30 is bedtime.

Saturday-Wake up at 8:45 am, shower, eat breakfast and read for a half hour. Run Errands (Grocery shopping, pay bills, etc. get home about 1:30pm, cook lunch, eat, and read. Homework: 4,-6pm( reading assignments), dinner is at 7pm and homework ( writing papers) is from 8pm-9pm.  From 9-11pm is writing time. 11:30 is bedtime.

Sunday- Wake up at 9am, shower, cook and eat breakfast, read from 10-12pm, wash any clothes and clean up.  For 12pm-1pm its lunch time and a nap. Write from 2pm-4pm. From 6-8pm  cook dinner, catch on my youtube videos and more reading. 9-11pm setting up my calendars for the next work and school week, plus writing in all of my journals. Then bedtime at 11:30.


There you have it. What is your writing schedule like for Nano?


My solution to writer’s block !

Happy Saturday! 


I woke this morning thinking about the book that is getting on my nerves. If you don’t know I was signed up for Nano this past July, when my computer’s hard drive decided to crash. I was so upset. I now found an earlier copy where I was on Chapter 7. I have to start from there. I am so over this story, but I need to tell it anyway. It won’t let me not tell the story. So, this is what I decided to do!

My Solution for me and ALL writers who struggle…

Write as if your life

This is what I decided to do. I know that Nano happened 3 months out of the year, and it’s where we pick a goal of 50,000 words or more, to write in a month. Why don’t I have Nano every other month. I can still keep track of my stats and everything. So this is how I will do it. It’s already the 2nd of August, right? I will have my word count goal of 1600 words a day. If I write my goal and stick to my goals I can write a novel every other month. So, it will be every other month that I finish a book. I think it is genius! I know it may seem silly to some, but this was like the light bulb in my head.


My Progress will go as follows…

Wrting Schedule

I will write in the morning. Depending on my work schedule, I will make sure that I get my words in. Even if that means staying up late and getting it done, I am determined to meet my daily goal. With me putting in my mind that Nano is every month or every other month,it will keep me on task. You would be surprised at how many books you will knock out. If you keep the momentum going, it will all come together. My goal is to write 4 books along with the one that I am writing now. This is my genius way for me to keep writing my books, keep doing Nano even after it’s officially over on the site. What do you think? You can make a writing group that can be as ” cabin mates” on Facebook, Twitter or what’s best for you. Get all of your writer friends involved so you can continue to motivate each other. Every day I will post my stats at the end of every blog. I hope others will join me. If you are interested I have a FB writing group called ” The Writing Process” please feel free to join.

Ways to be successful during your ” Nano”….


1. Eat breakfast- whatever breakfast is to you whether it’s coffee, pepsi, etc.

2. Pick a good writing space- mine is my bed-room or a good quite library. I will now take advantage of Brew-Haha on my days off to write.

3. Have your outline and notes ahead of time before you stop writing.

4. Get your writing tools out at all times- pens, pencils, charger for laptop.

5. Do not get on the internet during writing time.

6. Schedule writing time ahead of time. Know when you are going to write. If you can, write the same time every time. It’s like scheduling your shows. If you know Revenge comes on at 8pm, then write from 6pm-8pm. Revenge can be your reward for writing for the day.

7. Give yourself a reward once you have completed your target goal!

My Nano project…

Title: The Special Jenkins Case

Genre: Mystery

Word Count Goal: 80,000

Current Word Goal: 15,429

Words to go: 64,571


The Prelude

“ Special you’re up next.” My manager boobie said to me.

“ Aight boobie.” I responded.

I looked in the mirror as I finished going over my make—up. I decided to wear a sexy devils outfit this time around. My dressing room was filled with other dressing rooms and half naked woman parading around me. They too were getting ready to put on a great show. As for me I had to do what I had to do. I had tuition to pay for and a house to keep over my head.

“ Hey Special, do you ever get scared of dancing here?” A girl named Mocha asked me.

“ Of course I do. But I know that I need the money and this is the only job where I can get fast cash. Besides, it’s either this or prostitution.” I said while combing my hair making sure my curls stayed in tact.

“ Yes, I know what you mean. I love the money that I make here at Klimax.” She said.

“ Well this is only temporary for me, I have one more year to go until I graduate college and then it’s on to getting a real job.” I said to her.

Mocha walked away as I looked at myself in the mirror. I no longer recognized myself anymore. Here I was stripping and what was only supposed to be for a month has now turned into two years.

I grabbed my devil’s headband as I walked up and watched the other girl temptation finish her set. I hated to dance but there was something in me that made me enjoy the rush of it all. My manager boobie walked past me as he was going out to announce me. Temptation was picking up all her money as I was about to go on next.

She ran in the back where I was and begin getting undressed counting her money. I wasn’t a lesbian by any means so I never felt uncomfortable around other women. Besides we always saw each other’s body.

“Whew, girl! It’s a big crowd out there tonight, I’m counting over a stack easy.” Temptation said.

“ Oh yea…I have to do a few tricks then.” I said laughing.

I closed my eyes and took a deep a breath as I heard boobie’s words escape his lips and my theme song began to play.

“ Hot…Like….Fire….you can’t resist, resist, resist.”

“ Alright gentlemen here we go! I know that you have been waiting for her, the one the only, woman that brings the heat like no other…Ms. Special…come make it Hot Like Fire baby.”

I could hear the men go wild as they clapped their hands and whistled waiting for my arrival.

I breathed in anticipation and slowly sashayed my body out to the crowd with my red devil’s headband and the tail that hung my curvaceous booty. As the lights turned on I said to myself,

“ Alright Ms. Satan , let’s bring the heat, and make it hot like fire.”

What do you think? That is the best thing to do for writers, write? It’s no big deal.