A Lost Post On A Monday


Happy Monday! I know that it’s been a while, but I am here. Thanks to the new subscribers that have subscribed to my blog. I have been reading a book by Nicholas Sparks and it is my first book. It is a slow paced read for me but I am really enjoying it so far. Right now, the main character Russell, is going through a lot and he feels like his life is upside down. I am kind of feeling the same way, but I know it will have a happy ending, lol. Has anyone read this book?


I am really ┬áliking it. This book is 481 pages and I started it last week. My ADD or the fact that it isn’t grabbing my attention as I’d hope is allowing it to be slow,but good. So, what are you currently reading? What page are you on?


Reading Check-In


Hey everyone! My reading life is starting to pick u a bit. Granted, I’m still going through other things in life, but I really want reading to be priority so I had to step my game up some. With that being said I’m still reading the book by Nicholas Sparks.


Thus far this book is good, but for some reason it is taking too much time for me to finish. It’s either that or I need to prioritize my life more, lol. Which do you think? This is my first book by Sparks and I am not up for the hype as other readers have made him. I really think I should have chose something else ┬áthat he wrote, but I will keep reading. My goal is to not DNF any books this year. Of course it will happen, but I’ve been switching books and putting this one down and that one down. I am trying to focus on one book at a time and have some structure. I had set my good reads reading goal to 50 books and here it is February and I have not read 1 book yet. But, it is all good. I’m on the grind now. Let me know what book are you currently reading?