What’s My Passion?

Friday Reading

Happy Friday readers! I know it’s been forever, but I at least hope that you are in good spirits. There was something on my mind and I wanted to talk my friends ( the readers) about it. I need some advice if you will or just someone to hear me out. Today, I was talking to one of my friends about what my passion is. She asked me, ” what would make you successful and what does it mean to you?” The answer that I gave was I don’t know. I am passionate about a lot of things whether it’s reading, writing, doing research, or even being a student in school. I get these ideas for books and different ways to make money and once it’s not successful or a ” quick fix” I give up. Why is that? Oftentimes I go to the next thing and then fail at that too. I ask myself, ” why am I unable to have consistency with what I want to do in my life?” My focus is on many things instead of one thing.


Has that ever  happened to you? If so, how did you find your niche and your way to happiness? This got me thinking about the film, ” The Pursuit of Happyness” starting Will Smith. Will play a father to young boy who lost his way in life with a job. His wife left him with his son and he even went homeless trying to make ends meet. He ended up signing up for a stock broker program and did very well that he became rich. It’s such a passionate story that it even brings me to tears just writing about it. What’s the happiness in my life that I’m trying to pursue? I have a Youtube channel that I enjoy posting videos and I am a writer. Or am I? I haven’t worked on anything in about a month simply because Im trying to get a quick fix of making money since I’m not working. For me, it’s hard to understand the value of yourself if you don’t know what’s valuable. Am I talented? Yes! But, what do I do with the talents that I have? I’m great at writing stories and coming up with things, but once rejection hits, it’s like I shut down. Ghandi said, ” Be the change you want to see in the world”, well, I want to make a difference, but how I am able to if I can’t focus on something long enough to not only see it through, but it continue to try even when its not the quick fix.


Writing With A Purpose


Hey readers! I know I’m late and you want a normal blog and not a re-blog. Please forgive me. I’ve been writing a novel for a playwright by the name of Garrett Davis based on his play ” Mama’s Girls” which has been in production for over two years and it’s still going strong! I’m honored that Mr. Davis trusted me his baby and let me put my own creative spin on it. I’m so excited about this book y’all. I will definitely keep you posted on the release date of the novel.

So, now that you know what I’ve been up to the last week it’s time to talk about writing with a purpose. Often times we as writers forget why we write. We sometimes loose focus or motivation to get our work done. Guess what it’s totally normal to lack motivation sometimes. But then there comes a time when you have to ask yourself, “Why am I writing this?” Are your writing for the heck of it or to achieve a goal? For me I write with a purpose to see my work in stores, on TV networks, and on the big screen in theaters. When I have those days that I’m feeling down I remember why writing is my first love. I started writing when I was 15 years old because it was an escape to me from the bullying that I endured. I felt like a new person when I would write poetry and short stories. My writing took me to another place and my problems at school no longer existed. I always kept a diary and till this day I keep a journal. I write down my goals, bucket list, and affirmations to keep me motivated, and I write entries.  You may write for all different reasons but whatever they are make sure that you do it with purpose!!

In life we act based on what people think is best for us. As children our purpose was to please others and sometimes this carries over to our adulthood. If this is you, knock it off! As a writer it was me all the time up until a few years ago. I noticed that people weren’t too keen about my writing career. The actor Will Smith said in one of his interviews, he said, ” Follow Plan A, don’t have a Plan B because it takes away from Plan A.”  Once I heard that I was determined to be a writer full time. Now, am I making the millions and are able to live an awesome lifestyle? Not yet, but when I get that i know that will be one of the rewards. Make no mistake I’m still a “starving artist” as they say but I get by. I went from living on my own to now living back at home so I can write with my purpose of being a successful writer! Sure my friends, some family members may not understand my purpose, but that’s just it, it’s MY PURPOSE they aren’t suppose to understand or get it. I’m grateful to have two supporting parents who believe in my writing career. My mom always says, ” I see your name in lights!” I know that one day my big break will happen. But, as we write with a purpose ALWAYS know that an opportunity can lead to better ones and great possibilities. The book ” Mama’s Girls” that I recently finished is a hit to Mr. Davis, he was impressed with my writing so much that we are now going into business together! The play ” Mama’s Girls” is sponsored by GDavis productions and AARP.  See, one opportunity always leads to another when you are writing for purpose.  I’ll use Mr. Davis as an example.


I first met Garrett Davis at a seminar that he was giving for playwrights. Now, although i’m not a playwright I was working as the assistant to the host of the seminar. Mr. Davis spoke to other playwrights about putting on a great production. He went in depth with how to pitch to sponsors and executives. He also told us how he pitched his ” project” not play to AARP. They loved his presentation and they agreed to sponsor his project ” Mama’s Girls” which is a play. Giving a great seminar I learned a lot about how to pitch my work. At the time I was film school getting my Master’s in Creative Writing, but I had a table with my 6 novels on it that I published myself. The seminar was over and I introduced myself to Mr. Davis letting him know that I was a writer. We had a great conversation but never discussed business. The night that I got home from the event we were at I immediately followed Mr. Davis on all of his social networking portals. ( By this time we had already established a business relationship because I) 1. Introduced myself to him, 2. Made sure he had my business card 3. Followed him instantly so that I would be fresh in his mind). When we added each other via social media I again thanked for a great seminar.

How I wrote with a purpose:

A year later Mr. Davis saw that I had all of my novels out and that I had now just graduated with my Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. He congratulated me and then asked to read my best work. I was nervous but excited at the same time. I had no clue why he wanted to read my work. Of course I sent him everything that I had written because all of my work is my best work in my opinion. ( Well I sent him all of my screenplays, one book, and my writer’s resume). By the way, ALL writers should have a resume. A couple more months went by and he then approached me with the Mama’s Girls project. I’m saying all of this to say had I not written with purpose and formed a body of work, I would not have had anything to give to Mr. Davis when he asked for my work last year. Every opportunity can always lead to bigger and better ones. Now Mr. Davis and I are working together long term. I never bragged to him about my work ( writers DON”T ever do this), but I let my work speak for itself. You never know who is watching your moves as you make them. I’m sure over the last year Mr. Davis watched to see what I was doing and how I carried myself as a professional writer. Most people will “spy” on you before they even approach you for a business venture. If you can’t handle yourself in a professional manner on social media and through life, why would anyone want to work with you? This goes for ALL business professionals no matter if you are a writer or a manger of a store. The way you carry yourself says a lot about your character. As my grandmother always said, ” People can talk about you all day long, but you never give them a reason to talk about you.” I have always listened to that quote. At the end of day writers, whether you are working on a new project, or that big idea that you have always ask your”What purpose am I writing this for?”

To all of my followers on this blog thank you SO much for being you and coming by to read my blog. Now go write something, after all isn’t that what we do? Writers, write, right? :).

Mama’s Girls book coming in the spring of 2014!  Want to catch the play? Check out tour dates at http://www.mamasgirls.net