Who Are You?


Lately I have been thinking a lot about this. As I’m reading a current book titled, ”  The Hollywood Commandments A Spiritual Guide To Secular Success and watching a few of Evan Carmichael’s videos this has my mind pondering. Who am I? Sure, I am a girl, a writer, a daughter, an aunt and sister, but deep down who am I really? My grandmother once told me that a person in their 30’s should know who they are. Yet, I feel like I am still trying to find myself.  I was recently diagnosed with cirrhosis and it has me thinking a lot about life. Am I happy where my life is right now? The more I dwell I am not. i was watching this video that Evan Carmichael had on finding your purpose. One of the exercises that he mentioned was to make a list of things that you would do if you were a millionaire or only had one week to live. Of course the living part really caught attention.   If you don’t mind, I want to share my list with you guys. If money wasn’t an option and I was living on ” borrowed” time these are what would fulfill my life.


  1. Become a New York Times Bestselling Author
  2. Make one of my movies and have it on a network
  3. See one of my Pilots on screen and even picked up
  4. Write for TV
  5. Live in a warm climate
  6. Have the world enjoy my stories on and off screen.
  7. Become a mother
  8. Work as a Researcher

All of these things have one major thing in common. Can you SEE what it is? If you haven’t guessed it, it’s WRITING. It’s being a writer! Writing is something that I would do all day long and for free and still be happy. But, then I ask myself, why haven’t I been writing? The stress of everyday living has started to take the joy of just jotting things down and finishing projects away from me. I’m not happy with my job, it’s not brining me joy, I’m afraid of my health and dying. So many things that hold me back from really going after the dream. The fear is called THE DEVIL. He’s busy and I have to continue to not be here for it. Ignore  the voice in my head that tells me it won’t happen, it’s a long shot or  think if I will fail. Failure isn’t an option. I choose to live and not just exist, I chose life over death.


There are so many battles that people have in their lives, mostly with their self. We are human. It’s okay to be afraid, but we can’t give in to the fear. We must be risk takers. I was applying for a lot of jobs ( even though I’m starting a new one) where I am able to utilize my writing and research skills in some way, but not where my heart lies. Granted, I know the bills have to be paid and sometimes you have to do what you have to do and not want to do. But, where does that leave me? Sure, I can still write until I make it, I mean, that is what I plan to do. My goal is to not loose focus on the writing when life happens. Life clouds my judgement and it has really been getting to me lately. There are so many projects that I need to finish it’s not even funny. I had made a post on Facebook where I stated I was going to finish writing a film. I re-read what I wrote and then closed the computer. I keep asking myself, ” who are you?” I am a writer who will keep writing until her dreams come true no matter the obstacles. To my readers, who are you?

Writing Prompt


Happy Sunday! Grab your hot beverage and get ready to experience something great with me. I know you maybe saying, ” Krystol, what are you up to now?” I smile devilishly and fold my hands together. Okay, it is not too crazy, but I want all of my writers that are subscribed to my channel, to participate in a writing prompt with me. Let’s get started!

Writing Goal

Writing goals to me are checklists of things that you plan on doing in a current story or with other writing avenues. I have many writing goals and I have to learn to take them one goal at a time instead of trying to do everything at once. This is no bueno! Do not attempt to achieve goals that way. I am still a work in progress. But, with that being said, let us write out our goals. If you are comfortable, write yours in the comments or you can even do it in a journal. I have a writing journal that is specifically for writing ideas and books.

  1. Obtain a full-time writing job – This one may not seem out of the ordinary since I talk about this often on my blog. I want to write full-time for a living whether it is with a company, Magazine, Journalism, or even a TV show. I would even write screenplays for a living if the pay was right. Now, I know that writers mostly get the short end of the stick when it comes to payment whether you are a freelance writer or writing full-time with a company. My advice, stand your ground and try and to get almost what you deserve.
  2. New Your Times Best Sellers List – This has always been a dream of mine. I mean, who does not want NYTBS at the end of their name. I still want to write as many books as I can in order to make that happen.
  3. Agent – I NEED an agent like yesterday! My writing is so diverse ranging from books, screenplays, TV pilots and more. The sky is the limit for what I to do with my writing. I want to get a book deal and sign with a great agent. This will happen.
  4. Big Screen – I want to see my name on the big screen of something that the entire world will see. Just to see written by ” Krystol Diggs” on a major platform is such an honor to me. I can not wait until that goal is achieved. I hope that it happens before I am thirty five years old. Time is ticking.
  5. Coach – I would love to be a writing coach for new writers. This means setting up their goals for themselves, giving advice, and even counseling them to excel with their writing.

I ask all the writers who are reading this and not just liking this blog, what are your writing goals?

The struggle is real!!!

Hey readers! 


I know it’s been a while, but let me tell you, work has been killing me. So, I got a job as an Account Manager 1, ( basically working in collections). It’s going a little slow thus far. I mean, I’m still in training and managed to collect $40 and then $100 payments. I need to be collecting more, but hey, I’m new to this!  However, I am having a lot of fun and really enjoying myself. I found out yesterday that I will be working in the student loan department ( early stage). I am excited, but nervous at the same time. But, the only thing that I can do is my best. I’m sorry that I haven’t been blogging everyday like I want to, but I get off at 4:45 and if a co-worker doesn’t give me a ride, I take the bus home. By the time I get home, it’s already 6:30. That leaves time for dinner and get ready for work the next day. I have to get up at 5am, just to make it to work about 7:15. Buses run crazy in Delaware, but hey, I gotta do what I gotta do, right? During the first week of training, I had to take 3 tests. If we didn’t pass the first one or all of them, we would be out of a job. Man, I am so NOT a test taker! I was panicking, sweating bullets. But, I passed them with an 88, 93, and a 92. I couldn’t believe it. My training manager was like, ” Girl, I knew you were going to be okay! You have to have faith!” Once she said that I started to feel better. Then it was time to get on the phones. OMG! I was scared shitless, let me tell you. LOL… I was stuttering, not saying the pitch right or anything. I even hung up on a debtor. It was too funny. Now, I’m not nervous on the phones at all, but I still need to learn to have the gift of gab. I’m doing okay taking payments. I mean, I got 2 of them in two weeks. Of course it should be more, but I am a work in progress. Now, I will say that I am a skip tracing beast. Finding information on people and calling them is fun. Okay, enough about my new job, let’s get down to business in the next paragraph.

Am I really writing? 

My Writing Process

I can’t even lie. I signed up for Nano all goung ho and excited and I started to write the day before yesterday. I swear, I was working on a scene and I absolutely loved it! Then, I went to sleep and went to work and so on. So, my goal now ( since I finished my work for my 1st class) is to write on the weekends. I don’t work the weekends at this job. Only 1 saturday a month which isn’t bad at all. I mean I can do that. When I’m not working on the weekends, I will be writing. I MUST get this book finished. Unfortunately , I don’t think Nano is a good fit for me with work. By the time I get home, I don’t want to think about writing anything. But, I did want to blog today. I will calculate my words on Sunday for the week, instead of by the day. For those who work full-time and contribute to Nano, please tell me, how do you do it? What are the tricks to the trade?  I am the most motivated and unmotivated writer you will meet. LOL… In my heart, I want to write, but work makes me so tired, I can’t think about being on the computer at night.


PhD Life…

PhD Image

School is going great! I have all A’s on everything with only two weeks of class left. But, I finished my work already. I am now just talking to my classmates in the discussion board. I must say that I really surprised myself with my first class in my PhD program getting all A’s on the assignments. I worked ahead as much as I could because I knew that I would be tired from work. My next class start Dec. 1st and it’s a research class. I am VERY nervous. But, I will take it one day at a time. I ordered my books early so that I can study. I will look at them this weekend. I hope it’s not a lot of work in this class, but being as though it’s research, it maybe. Pray for me y’all. I am so determined to do well in school, you have no idea. Plus, I really REALLY, want to achieve all of my dreams in my lifetime. I want to continue to be a writer ( my books, screenplays, TV shows, etc) and be a researcher. I would love to work for March of Dimes or even in a college as a researcher. I love finding solutions to problems. All I have to do is learn to do it at my job with collections! LOL… Practice makes perfect right?  Talk to you guys soon. Love you all! Have a great rest of the week and enjoy your weekend.


I almost forgot, COVER REVEAL!!! 

New Cover


Procrastination is NOT my friend!

Good morning, readers! 

Good morning

I swear I have been such a loof since I started work at Target. I have not been writing and I am been coming home and going right to sleep. I forgot how retail can wear and tear on your body. My body aches from standing and I am always SO tired. Which is a result to me not writing my novel. It sounded good that I was going to have my book done last Sunday. Who was I kidding. Honestly, I am excited to hear about this new job that I have been procrastinating. It’s going to be really hard if I do get the job to be able to stay on a strict schedule. Truthfully, I have always had issues with time maintenance, but I manage to get it all done and in a timely manner. If that makes sense?

My mood…


My mood has been good. I am trying to get prepared in my mind that I’m moving in October. I have to find a place and get that stuff straightened out. Plus, I have to save my money and all that good stuff. This part seems hard when I’m not making enough. Let’s not forget about school that starts Sept. 2nd. Yes, I am excited and nervous. I pray that I pass everything the first time around! I will study real hard. I tell you life happens sometimes when you can be very overwhelmed. I think I am on the verge of being overwhelmed. I really want this teaching job, but they haven’t called me back yet as they said they were. I was told that I was for sure going to be hired, but I don’t know for what position yet. They don’t either. So, of course, I don’t put all my eggs in one basket. I am still applying for more jobs. i did have a interview with Starbucks recently, so I am waiting to hear back from them. Basically it is just a waiting game. Which I might say is a BORING, lol.

Finishing the story…


No matter who busy we get in life, we must always finish the story that is being told. Whether we are writing or reading it. It’s always important to get it done. It will keep us sane, make us feel a little bit more normal and on top of our game! I watched a snippet of screenwriters in a coffee shop writing their screenplays. One of the writers said, ” I want to be a successful screenwriter because my family thinks I should be working a normal 9-5. I have to keep trying because this has to work.”  I could feel where she was coming from because I was unemployed for a year before I started working at Target. Making $8 an hour is not a lot of money at all. But, it’s better than no money, so I am grateful. It is just a stepping stone for me. Writers, whether you work while writing or writing is your only job, do it to the best of your ability. Stay strong. The crying late at night, the wanting to give up and say f* it, the late nights raising the electric bill that you don’t pay for, will ALL pay off in the end. Just keep on keeping on!

As a writer, are you confident?

Good morning, readers! 

Good morning

Most of us are introverted, often shy and hate speaking to people in general let alone about our work. I often talk, eat, sleep writing, but I don’t always writer. I feel that as a writer, we have to take a step back and focus. Lately, I have been reading books in different genres, because I am currently writing a mystery novel.  But, I notice that as I read more books, I am not as confident in my writing as I think I am. The ability to be able to tell a story can be stressful and an exciting time. If you are like me, you start from having this great idea and then do some research.

Are you confident?


Being a confident writer is something that I feel takes years to build. We always make mistakes, but it’s about mastering a skill that will help your writing go tot next level. Some writers are strong in dialogue, plots, endings, etc. No matter your area of expertise as a writer, do it to the best of your ability. It’s funny, I have an MFA in Creative Writing and I still find myself feeling not as confident as a writer. I don’t know if it’s word usage, grammar, or what, but I feel down about it sometimes. To cope with not feeling as confident, I do writing prompts and continue to read on the craft of writing. Stephen King’s ” On Writing” was a great confident booster for me. Ever since I read his book, I was golden! I now am focused and know what I need to do to succeed as a writer. Well, at least succeed in getting the writing done!  As a writer, I don’t think that I know it all, but I am learning to progress in the craft of writing. There are a lot of people who ask me for advice about writing. I am no expert, but I always give my honest opinion and let them know, it’s just MY opinion. People do not have to take my advice.

What is your learning style?


As a writer, I find that my learning style is to read about writing. I LOVE to read these kinds of books and it gives me confidence. I read a book by Anne Lamott when I was getting my MFA. At first, I thought the book was boring, but I soon realized why I had to read it. It taught me a lot. One of the things I learned from the book is that a writer writes no matter what. If you are working, a college student, a mother, or whatever, ALWAYS make time for writing if you are a writer. There is nothing wrong with taking a break, but don’t break for too long. Get back and finish your project. My learning style as a writer I am all of the above. I’m visual, auditory, and tactile. Well, maybe not so much a tactile learner, because I go to school online. A lot of writing classes that I had to take I learned online. I also like to read books on writing as I said earlier.  I think I like to learn online is because if I get a job, I don’t’ have to worry about missing class. Writers have many different learning styles, whether you are learning about writing or any other subject. Whatever works for you is fine.

My writing process…

My writing Process

When I am not being lazy, I love to write a lot! I wouldn’t say I am lazy, but I am easily distracted. Like right now, I have my book up ( the one that got lost) and I am now listening to a webinar on getting a PhD and writing this blog. See, I should be writing and staying focused. But, my writing process, I can write for an hour or several hours once I am in the zone. Some famous writers stated that they wrote 1-2k a day, wrote only 10 pages, wrote for a set amount of time, etc. Whatever works for you is best! What works for me may not work for others. My goal is to finish this book that I am writing by Sept. 2nd. I really want to have it done by next week, but that may not happen. I am currently sending queries for one of my screenplays that I wrote, job hunting, and trying to focus on the craft of writing. I’m telling you writing is the easy part. After you finish the book or screenplay, that is where the hard part comes in. We all want success with our writing, it is not going to be easy in achieving that,if you plan on being rich from your book. I have given up on that option. I mean if it happens, it happens, but I just want to put out quality work for my readers.

Comment Below:

Are you confident as a writer?

If you are a writer, own up to it

Good morning, readers! 

Good morning

As writers, we go through some fun and at times difficult times, but that’s apart of life. I used to be ashamed to tell people that I was a writer because I always felt judged. People would often ask, ” Why aren’t you living in a rich house, or you must make tons of money.” Hold up! Not, so fast! It’s funny that  people put stereotypes on writers. If anything most of us are anything, but rich. Sure, the goal is to get Stephen’s King’s checks, but we are no where near that, at least I am not. As a writer, I love to tell great stories and have my readers enjoy them. For the last 6 years I have self-published my books. I made some decent money, but not enough to be able to just live off of royalty checks. It’s something that is my goal though. eventually. I plan on being successful from many different ventures. I am going to get a good job in Psychology, teaching or working as a researcher, write my books, and I want to be a public speaker. Writers, never be afraid to admit what you are. Yes, most of us are introverted, we like our own space, to ride solo, but when our minds get going, we create magic! Why do you think writers don’t get publicity that actors get? We should, right? After all it is us that give them jobs. It all starts with a screenplay, a commercial, a game, etc. Writers provide all of that for actors. I do feel that we are the most unappreciated people. We are the low-man on the totem pole. It sucks, but that is our reality for now.

Academy Nicholl Fellowship Update…


I don’t know how to put this, I failed miserably. Well, wait, I won’t say that I failed, I will say that the reader passed up on a good script. My screenplay ” Pia” did not make it into the quarterfinals of this competition. When I got the email yesterday, I started to panic before I opened it. Then, I opened and was told that my screenplay didn’t make it. My first reaction was to cry. I know it maybe silly, but this is my first time entering competitions since I graduated film school. Yes, I know I just won 2nd place in a screenwriting competition for a film festival, but I REALLY wanted to make it in this one. This is considered one of the big boys. I did not even make it into the top 20%. Some of my friends did, but they still did not make the cut either. I will try again next year. It’s all that I can do. But, I am glad that I have the balls to enter. Until next year, Nicholl.

My Writing…


Since I have gotten my computer back, I have not been working on my book. I am a little mad at myself for not saving my book that I was almost finished. Now, I have to write from chapter 7 and re-build. I mean, I suppose it’s okay since I am not starting from the beginning.  I will be writing today for sure. I am tired of thinking and dreaming about this story, lol. I have so many other ideas for books and screenplays. I am going to be a busy bee. But, I must admit, I am really excited for what is to come !


Good afternoon, readers! 

I hope that everyone is doing well. I wanting to talk about a minor change that I am making. I have decided that to change my major from Human Services to Psychology. I really want to teach at a university or be able to help people resolve their issues in some way. I am often asked for advice in some way, so why not try and help others and get paid for it! Anyway, enough about school.



I have started working on my book again. I can’t believe that I have to start at Chapter 7 again. But, I do have some twists, turns, and tricks up my sleeve. I am excited to really get it done. I am still querying my screenplay that won 2nd place in a film festival, so I am excited about that. I hope that I am able to get a manger or agent out of it. It’s hard out here. But, I am querying companies more than anything. Another good thing, I ended up getting my Microsoft Office and Final Draft software back. I will say that God is good.



I am currently reading My GRL by John H. Howell and I will tell you this book is good!! I am only on Chapter 3, but I have a few days to finish it. I was surprised that I am getting so much into this book. I am usually weary of new authors, but not anymore. John has opened my mind! I am also going to reading some screenplays as well.

Writing 101…


I notice that some writers are only turning in first drafts. This used to be me and I see where my writing suffered from it. I know some people are good at editing, but it is so IMPORTANT to get another pair of eyes of your work once you have completed a first draft. The book that I read,” How To Write 2k to 10k” ( I know I butchered the title) has a lot of great tips on how to edit and structure your writing. I can’t stress that enough. Now, my new approach with my new writings is to get at least 4 people to read my work. I want it to be as perfect as can be.

Time Management Skills? What you talking about, Willis?

Happy Thursday, readers! 


I was working on a project and I had to talk about my time management skills. Or lack thereof I should say. It dawned on me that my time management sucks! Why? Blame it on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. I swear watching Vlogs of people recording their lives on camera take up so much time, it’s not even funny. Crazy thing is, they get paid to it, but I don’t get paid to watch it.  As I pondered on at the thought of my poor time management skills, I started to get depressed about it. Now, I know that I need to concentrate, get my priorities more in order,  and focus on the important things, but it is difficult with technology being at an ultimate high. Then it dawned on me, I am giving so much time in making other businesses more wealthy, when I should be worried about my making money as well.

I’m not the sharpest knife in the kitchen, but I am not the dullest either…

smarter then

I often come across these ah-hah moments when the Einstein in me decided to show up. I do need to work on my time management skills. Instead of being on social media all day, I could be reading, writing, applying for jobs, and promoting my books. I know, right? I am smarter than a 5th grader. I chose the color green today to inspire wealth and wisdom. I preach and say it all the time about how I am going to do better with this or be more active in that, yet, I haven’t done half of the things I said I was. I am getting it together slowly but surely.  I think my issue is the small feeling of failure that lives in me. I know that I have had some great opportunities thus far with my writing career, but I now want to be a paid writer. I am sure that all writers want this, but I need to focus on really achieving it. I always tell myself that, ” A plan without execution is just a thought.” Well, I have no problem with the execution, it’s more of the results end for me. I try, I try, and I try and I either get a rejection letter or nothing at all. Then is when my mojo slows down and I get into a ” I don’t give a fuck mood.” I apologize for the language, but the struggle is real.

A work in progress…


All I can do is try to be the best me that I can be. Life happens, it always will. But, there comes a time when you will get tired of defending your writing, your life, tired of seeking validation in others, and trying to be accepted-even as an adult. As I better my time management skills, these frivolous things won’t consume my mind at all. My goal is to stay busy and on the grind. I will continue to do the best that I can until I know how to do better.  Today, so far I am doing great. I completed a paid project, read all of my morning blogs thus far, and managed to finish this one! Now, I am going to apply for some jobs, then read for 2 hours and then work on my novel for NanoWrimo which is going well by the way. I am at 23k with a goal of 35k and it’s only been two weeks. Granted, I started the book a year ago and it has taken a different turn and is writing itself. Slowly, but surely, I will finish. And guess what? You will, too! You will finish your projects, get better at time management, and be successful! If it will happen to me, if CAN happen to you! To my writers, keep writing. As you finish your WIP’s (Works in Progress), keep going with the next idea in your mind. Do not’ stop and keep reading. Familiarize yourself with many books. A good write has to read often.

As a writer, do you sometimes get in your own way?

Happy Monday, readers! 


Writers love to write and do their thing with words, but I was thinking that sometimes we may get distracted by being in our own way. Okay, here me out. We can be so busy distracted with other things in our lives, that we loose motivation to write. I know it has happened and still does happen to me all of the time. I get distracted easily with Social Media or fiddle around with other things online when I should be writing. Not reading about writing, talking about writing, writing about writing (like now), but just writing. I was fiddling on twitter today when I came across Jane Espenson. She wrote Dinosaurs and write Once Upon A Time as well many other great shows that are on TV like The Husbands. I took the liberty to ask her about her writing process. She stated, ” I don’t really have a process but I do daily sprints for an hour.” I asked her if she did them on twitter and she had said that she was about to do one in 5 minutes. I asked her if I could join and she said yes! I did the sprint and wrote over 2k words on my novel. I don’t know if I was excited because I was writing with her or because I was determined to write today.

Get out of your own way…

Get out of your own way

Do not let life, fear, fearing of success stop you from doing what you want to do. Speak positive things in your life and it will happen. If you want to be a writer, then write! No one is telling you that you can not be successful with writing. It will take a lot of hard work, but at the end of the day it will be worth it. I am determined to finish this novel that has taken me so long to write (over a year) because I was in my own way. When I say my own way, I mean that I let life stop me from writing. Trying to find a job, wondering why my friends are as close to me anymore. Excuse my language, but fuck that! I am not worrying about anything or anyone it will get me in the way of my true goal which is to be a successful writer and work in the Human Services field. I LOVE to help people. I think it’s my passion and I am on this earth to do just that. Even if I am helping someone with their writing, I am doing my job. My grandmother alway said, ” If you want something different, you have to do something different.”

Keep Writing…

Keep Writing

I know it is hard being a writer sometimes. We are not making the money we feel we deserve to make and our jobs are most likely things that have nothing to do with what we are passionate about. But, I watched a video tonight on youtube and Will Smith said, ” I decided that acting was what I was going to do and be good at it. No matter how many people told me not to do it, I still did, because it is what I wanted to do.” He talked about his favorite book, ” The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho and he talked about how the man had a dream and we went through hell and high water on his journey dealing with obstacles, set-backs, and people telling him that his dream was not valid. He kept trying and he fulfilled his dream and more. No matter what anyone says if you want to be a writer, keep writing! Don’t let fear, non-writers, family or friends stop you from achieving your dream. I want to be a columnist, published in the NY Times, write books, screenplays and more. Just a successful writer all around and TRUST ME, it will happen! Hard work eventually pays off. Stay away from negative people and do not be a negative person, either. They say, ” you are what you attract.” Keep writing and speaking everything positive into existence. I know I am!

My New Internship with Vast-Entertainment

What up, readers!

Funny Reading

I must say that I was so surprised that I got this internship I had applied for. For those of you who read my blog on a regular basis, knows that I want to write for a living (eventually) and work in the Human Services field. Trying to find a job in this tough economy is torture enough, but I still try. My previous school, Full Sail University, posts jobs and in internships all the time. I’m no stranger to internships at all so I knew that it was most likely a non-paying gig. But, when I looked at all that I would be doing, I knew that the experience would be incredible enough! So, last week, along with other internships and jobs, I applied for Vast-Entertainment. Vast-Entertainment is a production company that does films based on novels.

My exciting Job…

My internship is only for three months, but I will be doing the campaign for a film that’s going to be on Lifetime July 26th!! How epic is that! I’m in charge of the entire campaign and I am so excited. I already started working already. The film is called. ” The Choking Game” and it’s based on teenagers who choke themselves to get high. I had never heard of this prior to starting my job. It’s a sad occurrence because 1 in 16 kids have tried the game and many have died as a result of it.  This was news to me! But, I’m glad that I am able to make parents and other people aware by spreading the word about the film.  The film, ” The Choking Game” is based on the novel ” Choke” written by Diana Lopez.


I have not read the book yet, but, trust me it is on my list. Although I just started, I am really invested into this project and I am happy to be apart of it. I will be posting a lot about the film so if it bothers you I apologize in advance. The film also has a twitter and Facebook page. If you’d like please follow @ChokingGameFilm and like page, ” The Choking Game Movie” on Facebook. I will post updates, interviews with cast and more! I hope you will be able to tune into the film July 26th at 8PM PT/ET. Okay, that’s my plug, lol. But, I will say that I am super excited about my new job with the company. I will post an interview later about the CEO of Vast-Entertainment on another blog. Also, Lane, my new boss, directed and is the executive producer of The Choking Game. I’m happy to see women do well in this industry. She motivates me more than she knows!

Internships, why do them?


Internships are very important in my opinion. If you are a college student, I think everyone should have the experience. You are getting a chance to work in your field and build experience. I have been involved in 4 internships thus far throughout my educational experiences. Some internships they may offer you a job or some may not. It’s not the end of the world if you aren’t offered a job, but you will now have experience in a new field that is resume worthy. I have put my internships on my social media sites and some of them on my resume. I haven’t put all of them on there because it’s too much jargon and I don’t want to have a resume full of stuff that employers will get confused. But, if it’s for a job that I want, I will put it on there. I do mention all of my internships in my cover letters if it’s based on a certain position. Internships can also be fun. There can be perks that involve them like going to or being involved industry events, conferences, etc. If you do a great job, companies may offer you a letter of recommendation for a future job that you maybe interested in. Companies may also know of different jobs that they may help you get into. These days it’s about networking, working hard, and climbing up the ladder. There is nothing wrong with starting from the bottom and working your way up. I have done it and in some areas I still do it. No matter the outcome, I will enjoy this experience and learn a lot! I wanted to be in the business and now I am. You never know who you may meet or work with next! If you have not give internships a try! It won’t hurt to get your name out there more.