What’s My Passion?

Friday Reading

Happy Friday readers! I know it’s been forever, but I at least hope that you are in good spirits. There was something on my mind and I wanted to talk my friends ( the readers) about it. I need some advice if you will or just someone to hear me out. Today, I was talking to one of my friends about what my passion is. She asked me, ” what would make you successful and what does it mean to you?” The answer that I gave was I don’t know. I am passionate about a lot of things whether it’s reading, writing, doing research, or even being a student in school. I get these ideas for books and different ways to make money and once it’s not successful or a ” quick fix” I give up. Why is that? Oftentimes I go to the next thing and then fail at that too. I ask myself, ” why am I unable to have consistency with what I want to do in my life?” My focus is on many things instead of one thing.


Has that ever  happened to you? If so, how did you find your niche and your way to happiness? This got me thinking about the film, ” The Pursuit of Happyness” starting Will Smith. Will play a father to young boy who lost his way in life with a job. His wife left him with his son and he even went homeless trying to make ends meet. He ended up signing up for a stock broker program and did very well that he became rich. It’s such a passionate story that it even brings me to tears just writing about it. What’s the happiness in my life that I’m trying to pursue? I have a Youtube channel that I enjoy posting videos and I am a writer. Or am I? I haven’t worked on anything in about a month simply because Im trying to get a quick fix of making money since I’m not working. For me, it’s hard to understand the value of yourself if you don’t know what’s valuable. Am I talented? Yes! But, what do I do with the talents that I have? I’m great at writing stories and coming up with things, but once rejection hits, it’s like I shut down. Ghandi said, ” Be the change you want to see in the world”, well, I want to make a difference, but how I am able to if I can’t focus on something long enough to not only see it through, but it continue to try even when its not the quick fix.

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Book Review: How To Get Out of Your Own Way by Tyrese Gibson

How To Get Out Of Your Own Way .jpg

Title: How To Get Out of Your Own Way

Author: Tyrese Gibson

Publication Year:2011

Pages: 274

My Version: Kindle

My Rating: 4 stars


This was my first book that I’ve read by Tyrese and I must say it took me a while to get through it. What I mean is that I’ve had this book on my kindle since it came out and I’m now just reading it! I think it was time to read this book as I have been having some reflections and feeling about my own life. This book spoke to me in a way that my friends or family never will. I was able to relate to a lot of what Tyrese is explaining in his own life dealing with an addictive parent, siblings and wanting to get out the hood. I can respect his advice toward teenagers, women and men for that matter. In this book, the author was able to ” keep it real” and ” tell it like it is” to his readers. He gives some the truth to the game, learning about yourself and how to handle yourself in all situations especially business. His confessions of his life made me tear up because I feel like I’m going through what he had once been through. I highly recommend this book to those who may not know the answers at the time. Maybe you are just in your own way.


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Happy New Year


It is finally 2017 and I must say that I am ready for the new year! I am working on myself and trying to change my mindset from negative to positive. Granted, Rome was not built in a day, so let’s just see how this goes. A few people asked me what my resolution was. Usually I’d say to loose weight or get better with finances. This will still happen, but I am ready for love. If you have been following my blog long, you know the mishaps that I have had with this endeavor already, lol. I will say that it has been a journey. Well, this year I hope to find the real thing and it lasts.  I hope that whatever your resolution is that you achieve it and be happy!


So tell me what is your new years resolution and what are you doing to achieve it?

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Happy Hump Day!

Good morning, everyone!

good afternoon

Happy Wednesday! I hope all is well with you guys! My attempts is to make a post daily about my life, reading, etc. I had so happy to announce that my writing is back and all is going well. Starting now, I have expanded my writing services and opened my publishing company back up again! Check out my services in the writing services tab if you are interested.

I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue my business again. What made me come to my decision was that, my company was once successful and I really had fun doing it. But, life got in the way and I was unable to focus on it. With renewed strength and a great team, Krystol Diggs Publishing is back!  I am still in school for my PhD and I am still writing and reading. In fact, I just had a great conversation with a fellow writer. He’s new and we talked about our craft and how I got started and how he is starting. It is fun and energizing to meet new people.


Currently, I view my life as this little kitten. Happy, full of life, but yet cautious and unsure of the world with the willingness to learn. As we get older we always wonder what makes us happy? In life, when it is all said and done, will I be pleased what’s in between the dashes of my birth and the day I die. Will those goals get accomplished, my heart be filled? Newness and adventure is always fun to explore. The late Carrie Fisher said, ” Be afraid to do things, but still do them anyway.” I really like that quote as to what it brings to my life right now. I am trying and even if I fail, I still tried. Steve Harvey says it’s taking a ” Jump” and that is what I am doing. I am jumping to the unknown in hopes of success. I know that there are so many other people are doing the same thing for 2017. Let’s jump together!




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Fear Can Kick Rocks!


Hey Readers! Before I go into detail about my post, I first want to thank EVERYONE for their kind words about my post regarding Goal Setting. So, I just finished reading a school assignment that I was way behind on and it has my brain fried. But, since I have writing a daily blog on my newly t0-do list on my phone, I figure I would kill two birds with one stone and write something fun and get the task done.  I was thinking about the term fear and what it meant to me. I decided that my own definition is:


Fear-Being afraid to allow those of importance see your gifts and awesomeness!

I posted a picture of the late Robin Williams because he explains in an interview about how he was afraid to be funny. He had stated that no one understand why he wanted to be an actor and a comedian. Well, I am glad that he was able to put that fear aside because what we have here is a LEGEND, and a funny one. Robin was able to find his niche and actually go for it. Was he fearful? It is possible that he was, but I have learned that fear and nervousness are two different things.


Being afraid to try new things or learn something new can hold you back a ton! I will use myself as an example. I can say that I despise statistics with a passion. I always have felt that I would do it wrong and fail a class. Now, years later, I still have to take some or statistics course and instead of  being afraid, I change my mindset. This is how I chose to tackle that fear.


  1. I said that I was going to do my best and pass the class. You’d be surprised how positive pep talks are to yourself. It not only relieves the anxiety, but it makes you believe in yourself. ( At least it does for me)
  2. Before the class started, I was honest with my instructor about my lack of statistics and math skills. This actually helped me a lot because she was able to give me some videos to watch and practices to do before class.
  3. Make friends with those in class. 9 times out of 10, if you are unsure of the material, someone else is as well. Two heads are better than one.
  4. Actually try. Okay, I know this may sound redundant, but you would be surprised at how many students(myself included) would do the minimum to skate by the class or glide along with little knowledge of the material. Now, with this, you can think of it two way, you can’t get by with paying minimum of a bill and think you will skate by, so you mind as well learn all you can to actually pass. Or in my example, pay the entire bill.
  5. By putting fear aside and trying, I actually ended up liking the class and what I was learning. I got a C in that statistics class, but I was 2 points from a B and I tried my hardest instead of being fearful.

Growth-v-FixedI know I used this in previous blog, but it goes along with fear. In order to tell fear kick rocks, you have to change your mindset. My friend once said, ” Flowing water never goes stagnant.” Do not be comfortable with fear because time will pass and you will still be in the same place, comfortable and complacent. Tell fear to kick rocks and you keep it moving. Be the best you that you can be and focus on what matters.

Here is a good book, that will help you tell fear to kick rocks. I highly recommend this book and I have a review of it as well. It is a MUST read if you want to ” get your life” as they say!


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Goal Setting: Is It Really Important?


Hey readers! I wanted to talk about goals and setting them. Me and a couple of my friends were talking about how to say ” no”. It took me a while to say no, but now it is my favorite word ever in life. Then, I started to think about my goals and where I want to be in life. Ever think to yourself, ” how did I get here?” ” I should be more accomplished in life?” Yep, that was me tonight. I was not thinking bad thoughts, but it made me think about my goals and what I really wanted in life.

Then It Hit Me… 

Actual image of Kristen's Guardian Angel

It may sounds cliche or you could have heard it before, but FOCUS ON YOU! Life is hard enough trying to stay a float with bills, children, school or whatever else that maybe going on. Jim Carey said, ” If you can fail doing something that you hate, why not try to fail at doing something you love.” This maybe hard for some of you to read, but it is time to take over your life. You have one life to live, why not live yours instead of worrying about anyone else, because I bet if it was between them or you to be chosen, they will choose them. After talking to my friends and having the long conversation with myself (hey, I am a writer, I talk to myself all the time), I decided to set goals for me.

mind map for setting personal life goals
My goals are structured different, but you get my point, right? 

I had read a blog where a girl had several copies of her goals listed everywhere. This is where I thought I would be creative. I set my goals on my computer, the tasks portion of my phone, Evernote( organizing app that is AMAZING, also can be used on any computer or device) and in my journal of to-do lists and goals. Once I did that, I felt like I was ready for world. Here a few tips to go with goal setting.

  1. Make sure they are obtainable. I mean, don’t set something that is too hard to do like ” buy a house in 6 months”. Be realistic with it.
  2. When someone asks something of you,anything, if it is not helping you with your personal goals, say NO. ” DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200″  You don’t have time to do, you are FOCUSED on your OWN GOALS!! Often times people may ask for help with what they got going on and you get sidetracked and may never finish your goal.
  3. Give your goals a due date. When do you want to achieve by?
  4. Keep your goals to yourself. This is something I am doing for myself. When you tell people your goals, some may not be as positive or happy about them as you are. After all they are YOUR goals, not EVERYONE’S goals. I honestly used to tell everything that I was doing and as soon as someone said, ” Oh, I would not do that because of X,Y,Z and then you don’t because you listen to that person who probably does not even know what a goal is because they don’t set them and then you don’t do it. When you don’t do it, you have regrets of what could have been. Trust me, I have been there and done that. It’s over rated. Keep your mouth shut and just DO YOU!
  5. Celebrate  as you achieve your goals. These are milestones in your life. No matter how little or big the goal is. Getting an A on a hard paper is worth celebrating for. If no one wants to celebrate with you, do it alone. You don’t need anyone to validate your success and awesome you are.

Goal setting is something that has been taught to me a lot this past year. I did not focus on them one bit. I was too busy worrying about what other’s thought or being lazy. Let’s keep it real, Facebook and YouTube had my full attention instead of me achieving my goals. Make a list, plan it out, and do some incredible things that you never thought was possible. After all, you do so much for everyone else, now it is

Your turn

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Is It Wise To Dream Big?

Happy Monday!

Monday Blahs

Hey Readers! So, I was sitting here evaluating and thinking about life. I was thinking about my goals and things that I wanted to do with my life. We are often taught to set a goal and stick with it. Make sure that the goal is obtainable and we can try to reach it. Well, I have many goals. In fact, I think that I have too many goals that I try to reach at the same time. But, then I just realized that there is nothing wrong with having a lot of goals, but to do one thing at a time.  It’s funny, my writing mentor and many other people have told me that I try to do too much too fast. Lastly, I have to agree with them. With school, trying to find another job and attempt to write again, the world is in my face. Not in a sense that people are in my face, but that I have so many opportunities that I can grab. Then again, my focus is every where except for one place.


I had once read a book called, ” The Magic of Thinking Big” by Dr. John Swartz. This book really helped me with coming to terms that I have to make things happen in order to see success. Then it dawned on me I needed to get myself together. I had to start believing in my gifts and really utilize them. One thing that  I used to always do was tell people my ideas and my dreams. Some would think it was wise while others would say, ” Krystol, there is no way that you can do that or yea you and everyone else wish they could be that successful.” After talking to myself for what seemed liked hours, I decided to stop confiding in others about my life and my dreams. After all, it is all about me, right? Not in an egoistical kind of way, but just, about me in a sense that this is my world, my fate that I decide if things happen. Granted, I know that God works in mysterious ways, but faith without works is dead! People or those who were once like me, I have a message for you: Get off your lazy ass and get your shit together! So what someone tells you no, find someone who will say YES. Or better yet, create YES for yourself.

To Dream Big or Not Dream Big? That Is The Question


I say go for it. If people are not riding with you on that train, then kick them off. I have come to the realization that I need to kick people off. Start worrying about yourself and not  everyone else. This goes for co-workers, friends, family, and even foes. It’s funny how people on social media are so quick to blast their lives and things that they think are good. I can’t be like the rest. I have to be different. Different stands out and I want to stand out in a way that I am able to make it for myself. My mindset is that I am the acceptation to the rule. For those that actually really my blog posts this is for you. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do what you want to do in life. Always have people in your corner who believe and want the best for you. Start saying no to leeches, users, fakes and phonies. If you have a dream(s) see it through. I recently read a writer’s blog I forget her name, but she wanted to live in Ireland. She had written a book that had Irish word usage, the town, etc. She had written the book about ten years ago and once she decided that she wanted to live in Ireland, she started to get prepared. In order to do so she started to save money  and became very frugal. It took her eighteen years, but she is now a homeowner to a cottage in Ireland and has moved there from Philadelphia. She had a dream and she went for it. Sure, there were obstacles along the way, but she never gave up on what she wanted to do. Her story really inspired me. I want to be a successful in all areas be it novels, films, and TV. My other goal is to be a researcher in educational psychology. It just dawned on me that I am really good with research. Quantitative research is not my favorite, I’d very much prefer Qualitative research, but hey, beggars can’t be choosers right? Today, I have taken an oath to do what is important to me and be selfish. I say no when I usually say yes and I have started to save money again. I maybe moving soon ( don’t know where) once I find a job so I have to be prepared. To answer my own question, Is it wise to dream big? Hell Yes! Go for it, reach for the stars!

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Are You Ruining Your Own Success?


Good morning, readers! It is Tuesday and I hope the rest of your day goes well. I have to start reading some articles for school, but as I was reading blogs, I came across this post here and I loved it! It really made me think about success and how I may have been holding myself back due to negative mindset and people.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that all people are negative, but those can be negative without even noticing it.


Are you ruining your own success? 

We always tend to ask for approval from others in may ways. For example, if you and your friend are going shopping and you ask her, ” Do I look in this?” In your mind you already feel that you are, but because she says no, you don’t buy it. Why? Why do we tend to value others opinion more than our own?  Now that I think about it, it sounds so STUPID that I have given other people power over my judgement of how I view myself, my life etc.  As you guys already know, I am in school for my PhD. Since I have started this journey and other ones that are deemed successful by others, I am often judged. I am not judged in public, but quietly. I am sure there are people who are jealous, wish they could achieve the same, etc. If you are one of those people YOU CAN do whatever it is that you put your mind you.  What must you do to get it done? Here are 10 things that you will you be more positive and make better choices. This things may be hard to do, but I think it is needed in order to get into the mindset of being successful.


1. Stop the excuses.  We have so many of these when it comes to doing the things we want to do. Some excuses are, there is no time, I have kids, I work and go to school, I have no support. FUCK ALL OF THAT!!  That is bullshit! I have even used some of these excuses. If you want to do anything, you will make time for it. Kids should be the reason to do anything to better yourself, not be your downfall or crutch.

2. Change your mindset. This is an oldie but goodie. I had to check myself today. The mind is such a powerful tool. Anytime, it can make you happy, sad, depressed, etc. This asset is serious. Think more positive and less negative. I told myself that I will have to be more positive. Faith without works is dead.

3. Surround yourself with successful people.  Okay let me explain this one in more detail. I do not mean to hang with people who are rich. Granted, if you do, you can learn about money in greater detail. However, my point is to surround yourself with those who are about something positive in life. Do not let those who have a negative mindset and NO drive to succeed, crowd your judgement or you. Trust me, I have even cut family off, and I could care less. I know it may sound harsh, but if one is not about something positive and always has something to say, I don’t need you in my life. I love you, but I do not have to like you.

4. Work Hard. No matter what it is that you want to be successful with, always work hard. I know this is something that you maybe saying, ” duh Krystol”, but it makes a difference. Giving your all into your passion makes others notice. If they see you are serious they may want to help.

5.  Have Fun.  It does not matter how hard your work, who you hang with, etc if you don’t have fun time for yourself. Working hard is cool, but give yourself a break here and there. It is good for the soul. Well, at least that is what my grandmother used to say. I need to follow my own advice. I am always fiddling on my computer and ordering take out lol. I will get it tougher. My goal is to go to Book Con next year and other book events. Plus write two books this year.

Featured Image -- 3156

And always plan to win! In the comments below, what do you want to successful in?

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Will You Have Success Or Will You Fail? You Decide…


I was always told by many people in my life that if you wanted to be successful, you had to hang around successful people. Have you ever been told that?  What makes it funny for me is that those who told me that were not successful at all. But, now that I am older and I think of that saying, to me, it does not equate to having money or being wealthy. I’m sure it can be that way for some, but in my opinion, being a success or successful can be go with any analogy in life.


As children we all wanted to grow up and be so many different things. I remember wanting to be a nurse, lawyer, doctor, a cashier ( lol), marriage and family counselor, then a writer. I had so many dreams and aspirations that were mostly crushed by family, friends and some peers. Negativity can really bring down your natural high. It make you feel less then or incapable of waiting to achieve anything.  Recently, I was talking to my father and he was going over some old photos. While looking at the pictures, I saw that he had every single certificate and award that I had received through out my years. I must admit, I was surprised and taken a back. For one, I didn’t know he kept all of my things and for two, I had forgotten some of my accomplishments even back then. Looking back on it now, I’m proud to have accomplished all that I have from then to now.


At my age now ( I’m only 30), but I’m old enough to understand life a little more clearly now, failure to me is not trying. I am determined to be a New York Times Best Seller no matter what! Thus far, I have written 10 novels and I’m going for the gusto! I am going to submit a book that I will write to a couple of traditional publishing houses. Am I afraid that I will fail? Sure, I am. But, I do know that I won’t know until I try. I am a big fan of Ms. Oprah Winfrey and her story moved me. What I like about Oprah is that she did not let the” no’s define her nor stop her. Guess, what? You better not either! Let the no’s in life be the reason that you stay up later working, studying harder at night to get that degree or diploma and see how the hard work will pay off. As my grandmother always said, ” Nothing beats a failure, but a try.” Readers, I am telling you, no matter how hard it may seem or feel, don’t give up. You never know if your next move will be your best move. But, once you make that one right move…checkmate!

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Write Like No One Is Reading

Hey Readers!  

Good evening

I hope that everyone is doing well on this Thursday evening. I am doing better with my diabetes. It’s still a learning experience for me. But, I wanted to hear from you guys about how things are going with writing. Writing is something that we can do at any time of the day. Lately, I’ve been enjoying writing on this blog and in my journal. But, sometimes we are unmotivated to put anything down on paper because…well, we think it’s crap! LOL…I know it may sound funny, but usually what we think is horrible ends up being a gold mind. How often do you write per day on your projects and just for down time ( if you do write in a journal, etc). For me, I write on a daily because I’m in school. It’s tedious to write scholarly papers with APA format. I love being able to have creativity in my writing. This is where my w.i.p’s ( works in progress) come in play.

When you become a writer

As writers one of the good things is that we are able to drift off in another part of our minds. Using our imagination to get the thoughts down that we may not be able to really say in real life, lol. At least, sometimes that is how I think of it. I know that most writers are introverts, but for those who are extroverts, hey, rock on! Do you ever get the feeling that you are writing for nothing? At times when you have completed a novel or even a screenplay, the little devils called fear and doubt start to appear and make you think the worst. Guess what, don’t let them! I was just told today by one of my previous instructors in college that ,” you are not allowed to worry about something that has not happened yet.” When I told about it, she was 100% correct! I tend to focus on the negative, before the positive has the chance to rear it’s ugly face! Don’t give negativity the power. Besides, being negative is stressful and takes up so much unwanted energy. Be positive, stay positive!  Again, I know that this is easier said than done, but hey, you have to start somewhere, right?


I do not care if you write two paragraphs or two chapter,s the goal is to WRITE!  Write like there is no one reading your work. I have used this mindset a lot lately, and I got so much work done! Yes, non-writers, writing is a job. I know there is someone who is going to read this blog and think differently. But, don’t get it twisted, everyone can not write a book. It takes skill and discipline. Either you have the gift of writing or you don’t. Okay, I’m getting off track now, let me bring it back! Write every day and you will feel like you’ve had a productive day. I’m off of work until Tuesday due to my asthma, but I’m going to make the most of those days and write. What I will be working on is an outline for my next book that I’m writing.  Want to know what it is?                Don’t worry, I will post the cover and you can even read the synopsis! This book is called Trapped. It will be my last self published novel. I am going to attempt to advance into the traditional publishing world! I know nothing about that life, but I’d love to learn all that can. I will querying agents with my future works. No matter whether you are writing for yourself or reach a certain audience, be the best writer that you can be! Do not let anyone stop your journey of achieving your published novel. I always tell other writers to surround themselves with other writers and writers that you want to learn from. For example, on my twitter page I connect with mostly writers, literary agents and screenwriters. Why? Well, I want to be an NYT best seller one day. I feel that I have to connect with those who have already achieved that milestone. Don’t get me wrong, I connected with self publish authors too, but I follow more closely those who have been successful. Let me tell you something, if you want to be successful, you have to work hard and surround yourself around those who are already successful. Honestly, that is with anything in life. Those people know our current struggle to succeed because they have been there. But, I will tell you this, you won’t achieve anything if you don’t write.  What i want you to do now is comment below letting me know if you enjoyed my blog this evening and what you will do better to achieve your goals. Happy writing, guys!

New Cover

My latest novel get your copy on!

Genre: Thriller

Pen Name: Alex L. O’Conner


Special Jenkins is a girl who has had a hard life. Being adopted by the only parents she knew, Special knew she was loved. But, at the age of 16, her adoptive parents were both killed in a car accident, which resulted in Special living in foster care until she was 18. Trying to find her way on earth alone, she graduates high school and enrolls in college. Now living on her own, Special must survive on her own being a struggling college student. Special Jenkins is a normal college student trying to make it in life. She looses her job and finds another at a local strip club. What was suppose to be a bar tending job, turns out to be a dancing one, where the men dream of her at night, and lust over her by day. But, she belongs to the manager, Boobie. Trying to be happy in life, Special finds out a secret about her real family that will put everyone in danger, including Special. Happy in love, living the good life, Special’s life stops at a screeching halt, when her biological cousin, Candace, has an important message from her biological mother, Sheryl, who wants to talk to Candace before she dies. A panicked and distraught Special, is full of pain and turmoil about her dying mother. Debating if she should find out why her mother abandoned her, Special finds out more secrets, from her boyfriend now fiancé Boobie. Torn between the love of her guy and the truth of her mother’s past, Special can not kill two birds with one stone. Instead, she puts the guy on the back burner, to attend to the dying mother, only to find a secret that has not only harmed Special’s mother, Sheryl, but it will also affect Special, and the love of her life. Finding out these terrible secrets, Special blames her dying mother and goes out to get revenge. She puts everyone that she knows at risk, including her friend, Persia. But, first, Special must tell the love of her life this horrible secret that was told to her just weeks ago while visiting her mother in Florida. Boobie takes the news badly, which leaves Special in danger for her life. Will she be able to escape her past and present and be able to enjoy her future, or will her future cease to exist?

My next work in progress:

Trapped Cover