Stop Making Excuses

As I sit home in my bed and watch Set It Up starring Lucy Lui and Taye Diggs ( potential relative), the story gave me the motivation to come back to you. As soon as I started to type with my acrylic nails, my gray and white assistant of a cat decided to wake up. Apparently he missed the typing on the laptop as well. The film is about a girl who is an assistant, but dreams of being a writer. Well, it still my dream, too. To write. I can’t be a writer if i am not writing. Is that writing 101 or .01? Sure i’ve got a Masters in writing and have written books, but what has the blockage so heavy? It’s the fear of being successful and not so successful at the same damn time. Excuse my language but then again, no don’t excuse it. I work in finance, but the written word needs me. I am one of those people who believe that everything happens for a reason, even this moment of coming to my eighth epiphany that I am supposed to write for a living. But, how do I earn money doing just that? There are no excuses anymore.

It’s time to dedicate my time into making this talent work for me. In advance I’m appreciative of those who take the time to read my blogs and leave a comment no matter how sporadic my posts are. Thanks, Mom, lol! So, I have about four books that I need to finish writing and I am going to find time to write them. This is where I want to be. Tapping the keys and writing sentences that make sense. Now that I am no longer making excuses, what are you going to do or have an interest in? There is still time for all of us to excel and become great at what ever our heart desires. Lets put in the work and get it done. As it gets hard or life gets in the way we have to continue to follow what our dreams are. We’ve got this! You’ve got this!

Tyrese Gibson: Continues To Be What He Sees


Today I was honored by being part of a press day that the national R&B singer, writer, and actor Tyrese Gibson attended for the day. What a delight he was to interview! Tyrese began his career when he was 14 years old and did the monumental Coca-Cola commercial when he was 16 years old. After Cocoa Cola, Tyrese started to push out album after album. One of his singles “ Stay” was on the charts for 11 weeks in a row! While listening to Tyrese answer questions, one cannot help but to be amazed at how much he has grown in the music and film industry. When I asked about how he got started in music. Tyrese stated, “ I didn’t think I would be where I am today. I wanted to be a trash man when I was a kid. So I feel like everything in my life and career still feels new to me.”

Upon hearing such an accomplished man say he wanted to be something as common as a trash, man for me was a WOW moment. He has inspired as a writer to expand and continue with my career, and further my dreams of being a writer. I was also impressed that he spoke more about his artists Seige Monstracity who is a hip hop producer and currently working with Dr. Dre and  Kenyon Dixon who is a GREAT singer and songwriter. Hearing their story was incredible. Kudos to you both! I can’t wait to see what else they will bring to the table. They too spoke about their music and how they enjoyed working with Mr. Gibson.
I was surprised to hear Tyrese tell me about his musical career that he does not like to sing in the studio, as he prefers to sing live. “I’d much rather perform live and in concert then to be in the studio for that many hours. When I asked what he was inspired by, he told me “I’m inspired by femininity. When I’m in the studio, I love to have women around me. I like for them to watch me to react to certain words and songs.” His answer didn’t surprise me at all because he loves to sing about love and relationships.
Tyrese has been in the business for 17 years and he now has his own artist by the name of Kristal Lyndriette Smith. From Gastonia, North Carolina Kristal and has a voice that will be remembered. She is managed by Mark Pitts. Kristal’s new single Silhouette will be out very soon.


Tyrese does enjoy social media and views it as a congregation. Tyrese sees “ Every person on Twitter, Facebook and Instragram are a human being, it’s not just a concept. They are waiting, watching and listening for whatever you are about to post.” He sees the value and the people that follow him. “ I am the most shameless Twitterer, Face booker, and Instagramer. You will experience what I want you to see and the experience that comes with me.”


I know that you want to know what is Tyrese working on now?? There are some GREAT things in store for you Tyrese fans! Tyrese is writing a book, his third book in fact titled “Black Rose” which is also the name of his solo album, and a 7-part documentary. I look forward to his solo album, as it will be his last one. Yes, folks, you read right, Black Rose is Tyrese’s last solo album but he will be doing another album with TGT! His final solo album Black Rose is a double album with the first side title “ Black Rose and the second, “ Black Ty”.


I told Tyrese that he makes his work look easy and it looks fun. He responded with, “ Thank you, I’m blessed to be able to enjoy the opportunities that I’m given. Adding that he couldn’t help but to get excited that his new film “Fast 7” with director James Wan who is directing the film and featuring once again Dwayne Johnson.


Tyrese is also in a new film titled “ Black Nativity which will be in theatres November 27th, 2013.Tyrese has several projects which he gave me the exclusive of his clothing line and a fragrance for women called, “ Sweet Lady” which is from his hit, “ Sweet Lady” on his album Tyrese. His clothing line Sweet Lady will not have men’s clothing but it will have women’s clothing and apparel.
“ You can’t get points today for yesterday’s game.” He says, “ If you’ve made MVP last week, that’s it, it’s over”. How very inspirational!


I must say that this was the best Halloween that I have ever had. I have been a fan of Tyrese since he was 16 when he did the Coca Cola commercial. I love his music, books, and films Tyrese has shown me in one night what I have been trying to understand through my whole life to live your dream and seize the moment. Tyrese is humble, genuine and a hard worker. I thank him for allowing me to interview him during his busy schedule. The knowledge that he has endured through the years and he is humble to share it freely with his fans I’m grateful for this day to have met such a nice, sweet man. I look forward to getting to know Mr. Gibson more through his words, music, and films. “I enjoyed the fact that Mr. Tyrese Gibson acknowledged me personally while interviewing him and I didn’t feel like I was apart of the press but like a normal person. “


“ I never look forward to sleep because I dream with my eyes open. I want to become the things I see.”~ Tyrese




To contact Tyrese Gibson he can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.