Vintage Is Still New

Clothes: Vintage Is Back


 Vintage clothing has come back and is a force to be reckoned with. In all fairness it has never left, it’s just been restored. Plaid, polka dot, even wool just to name a few has made its way back up the fashion chain. That ugly curtain that you may not have liked at your grandparents house has now been turned into a skirt! It’s all about taking the old trend and making it new! Kudos to the designers with the great creativity!  

When you go into a department store today there is always something that is vintage whether it’s a shirt, shorts, jewelry and even shoes. Bringing back the old trends doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  It shows that one has a style all its own. Those gloves that you wear with you outfit may be just the very things to set it off and make it unique.  After all it is your own unique style. It’s been said that your style determines your personality. There may be some people who don’t like vintage clothing and that’s okay, but for those that do, wear it to the best of your ability!

 If it looks good and you feel good wearing it, by all means rock it! You are only as confident as you feel. No matter what fabric, year, style, make or model your clothes were from if you like it flaunt it. We shouldn’t be judged based on what we wear, if it makes us feel good. Vintage is the new style, the new era of bring back the previous styles and giving it a fresh up to date style for the everyday woman. Wear what makes you, you, but remember it’s in with the vintage because the vintage is still new!