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Writers block

Being a writer is hard work. There are many people will believe in your gift, and others will laugh in your face. I’m sure writers like Stephen King and J. K. Rowling were laughed at, but look at them now! I would LOVE to be on their level one day and even write for Huffington Post or a great company like it. Speaking of writing for a living, I have been applying to several writing jobs.  Now, I’ve worked as a writer before, but I am looking to do so on a full-time basis. If you read my plea for wanting a career as a writer, I was speaking for us all when I said we wanted to make it through our words. There are many jobs out there that writers can do. To name a few:

  • Content Writer
  • Staff Writer
  • Freelance Writer
  • Creative Writer
  • Fiction Writer
  • Screenwriter
  • TV Writer
  • Contributing Writer
  • Blog Writer
  • Journalist
  • Copywriter
  • Technical Writer

These are jobs that I have applied for in various companies. Let’s hope one of these turns out to be a winner. But, if not, I am still writing. My suggestion would be to ALWAYS write. The more you write, the better you will be become in your craft. But, there is one thing a writer should always do as well. That is to:


A great writer is also a great reader. I LOVE to read as you know if you’ve been seeing my  Goodreads page, and book reviews. I watched a few interviews with Stephen King and he said that he reads all the time. It helps strengthen his writing.


Writing is already a job within itself, but sometimes we have to get day jobs, too. I used to work full-time, go to school and STILL would write before I went to bed. Lately, I have been writing a lot of samples for the writing jobs that I have been applying for. My point is that writing should always be precedent if it’s something you plan on doing for the rest of your life. As for myself I want to be like Stephen King and just write for a living. In time I have no doubt that it won’t happen. I am going to re-read On Writing by Stephen King just to get inspiration to keep going. This journey can be a lonely road, but I will not stop climbing. If you want a writing job and to continue your own projects, keep striving. Don’t let or allow anyone to tell you differently.

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A Writer’s Cry For A Career: Help Me, Help Us!

Do What You Love .jpg

I’ve been out of work for going on one year now. I’ve had tons of interviews for everything ranging from research, administrative jobs, and even retail. Granted at age 32, I feel like i should already be in my career. It doesn’t always happen for everyone early on. If you would have told me ten years ago, that I would be jobless/career-less I would have laughed in your face. Yesterday, I was taking a step back and reflecting on my life now and where it is headed or where I hope it will lead. This for me is writing. Having a career as a columnist for a magazine, or even in a studio. After all, my creative writing degree should stick and stand for something right?


As I sit on my couch listening to Maxwell while writing this blog, I often wonder, why am I not successful? I have great skills and education just like the next person who is in a suit and tie. Why can’t I find my success with what I want to do? For a while, I was so all over the place with no structure or knowing what I wanted to do. First it was writing, then it was research, then it was having a publishing house, then it was being a consultant. I have exhausted my mind and in turn my life with so many ideas and things I wanted to do because I was in the moment of the next big thing. Now that I think about it, it has all been brought back to being a writer. Sure, I’ll still write for myself with my own books and screenplays, but I want to write to make a difference. Allowing people to understand my life through words or even their life through my words. I want to be able to convey a message that will reach all through the written word. As writers, we have to fight to belong to the world. Its like saying, ” We are here, just read us or better yet, hire us so we can show you that we exist.” No matter what company you work for, TV or movie you watch, magazine you read or even commercials that make you chuckle, that all starts with a writer. Someone who is me or like me. All we want is a chance. A chance to be read by anyone who is willing to click on the screen and read. We have a voice. We can become popular and well-known without even being seen. Our introverted minds bring out the best in what we have to say in order to please our readers and the ordinance to hear our words in some fashion whether you watch our words come to life, read our words in a magazine or have our words in your most intimate place–your hands. Give us a chance. Give me a chance. Hire me and let me show you what I’m made of.

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Excerpt: I’m Your Angel By Krystol



Coming in August of  2017

Here is an (unedited except)  of my next project. Feel free to give feedback in the comments!


“ Angel! I can’t do this with you right now.” I yelled as he was driving through old Baltimore Pike.

“ Miracle, I told you that I was sorry. How many times are you going to continue to punish me?” He yelled back.

The snow was coming down hard and he was speeding. I was scared and my heart started to panic.

“ You had her pussy smell all over you!” I barked back.

“ Mamita, I don’t want us to get a divorce. I am going to get help.” He said.

“ Angel, you had the last time. Just tell me how many more did you fuck?”

“ Miracle, it was just the two times and that was it. I love you and I’m committed to you.” He retorted.

“ How are you committed to me when you fucking cheated twice. We aren’t in high school anymore, Angel.”

I started to cry.

He hated when I cried.

We stopped at a red light and I looked out the window at the Christmas lights. Christtmas was my favorite holiday of the year.

“ Look. I love you. We are not getting divorced. This marriage is going to work and it’s going to last. We had vows, Miracle.”

“ Vows that you broke. Just tell me why? Is it because I work so much?”

“ No. Baby.”

He sighed.

“ She came on to me in the office. I told her I was happily married. We had the Christmas party last year and both were too drunk to drive. She kissed me. I called her Miracle and she played along with it.”

Tears started to roll my down my eyes even harder.

“ Since you were drunk the first time, how the fuck did it happen again?”

This go round I was furious. I wanted to grab the wheel and make him feel the same pain that I am, but I couldn’t kill us.

“ Miracle. Please calm down. I don’t want your asthma to act up.” He said trying to hold my hand.

“ Fuck you and your damn asthma.” I yelled.

“ Please stop crying.” He said as tears started to stream down his eyes.

“ We don’t need this shit.” I said.

“ Who the fuck is we?”

Cars started to pile up behind us and were blowing the horn.

“ Angel, I’m pregnant!”

Before I could say anything he stared at me and his foot hit the gas on the car.

“ Angel, look out!” I screamed.

I could hear the crash, but after that it all went black.



Stephen King ( my favorite author)

Thoughts and Tips: I wrote this prelude with the thought of NEEDING a dramatic beginning in order to grab my readers attention. I hope I did a good job. My style of writing is to always have a problem with a solution. I like to write about things that people can relate. My love is YA then Adult or New Adult as some readers may say. The names Miracle and Angel came to me because I used to have a big crush on someone and I always called him my angel. He never knew that, but it always stuck with me. I look forward to see what Angel and Miracle are going to become. Do you?


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Promoting My Latest Book


I had a story to tell and I was told to tell this story. So, here it goes! I noticed that my writing style was shifting about 4 years ago. I was reading more Stephen King and different psychological thriller books. Before you knew it, I was hooked! Yes, I had to try my hand  at another psychological thriller. Trapped is a book that will take you to a different place in life. We met Candice who  is a girl trying to live her life and want the best of it. Her parents  look like the part, but at home, it’s a different story. Being an only child, most kids needs attention or someone to play with. Candice had that in her best friend Damon. At home, things were SO rocky because Candice was dealing with a great deal of physical and emotional abuse that it took her emotions to a different place. Have you ever in life wanted bad things to stop so that good can come in and do damage in the best way?  Candice archives just that! Well, sort of.

I really enjoyed writing Trapped because I was able to have a different story to tell. In life we want to win so bad that we will do anything to make it happen. At times I was Candice. I know what’s it like to want love from someone and they don’t see your existence or choose to not go there for whatever reason. But, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Readers who love the written word, if you are into psychological thrillers, give this one a try.

Trapped Cover


Nineteen years old, psychology major, Candice Hertz worked hard on her studies. After losing her father to cancer, Candice decides therapy would help with her loss. The therapy session turned into a nightmare. While reliving her past, Candice recalls the traumatic experience of being physically abused by her father at age twelve. Unable to deal with the memories, Danielle, another memory appears and become who Candice can’t. Danielle becomes Candice’s vehicle for revenge on those who caused her pain. Will Candice be cured from Multiple Personality Disorder or will she remain trapped with Danielle forever.

Pages: 314 pages

Copies: Paperback and Kindle

About The Author:

Krystol Diggs, the award winning published author & writer for multiple news & magazine outlets, has captured the attention of readers around the world with her thrilling & captivating stories of love, loss, and life. Krystol, of The Krystol Meth(od) has written numerous books & screenplays, including “Through Her Eyes”, her first book published in 2008, and “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”, a screenplay that won 2nd place in the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival Screenwriting Competition in 2014. You can find Krystol in 2015 getting her Ph.D in Educational Psychology at Walden University, highlighting as a Reporter for CNN iReport and releasing another published book titled “Trapped” and adapting a property for the producer of the film ” I DO, I DID”, Cherie Johnson.


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Holding Yourself Accountable


Happy Hump day!

I hope that all is well and your Wednesday is going great! It is still the new year, in fact it is the second month in a new year so don’t feel bad about your resolutions not being met just yet. There is still time. There are 11 months left in the year. I’ve been thinking about reflecting on my life ( as usual) and I want to talk about accountability. Lately, I have really figured out what the word means and how it shapes my life. I was sitting in my bed writing and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. I never finish things because I don’t hold myself accountable. Whoa! Now before you trip, I do get things done, but it is usually out of whack or I put things on hold that need to be done. I had to hold myself account for my life, actions and even thinking. In my post  What a Sunday! I was in a bad space and just drained with the days events. But, I read a post or picture that my cousin posted and it said:


I read this and was like heck yeah! Why am I putting myself through stress of things that are out of my control? This is something that is a constant battle with me and my accountability with life. It’s easy to be sad or a little envious at other people’s success when they have achieved the goals that you want to like marriage and being a parent. I long to have the same things, but one thing I learned is that everything that glitters isn’t gold. Just because it appears to be great, does not mean that it is. But, I recently learned and was told to ” stay in my lane”. I can only focus on what I am doing with my life. My focus is to pay attention to only what I am doing and enjoy the process of my life. I have many things to be thankful for like being a great writer, almost finishing school and working on some writing projects that can take my writing to the next level. It seems that the more you center yourself and put you first, the more success will come to you. There has been plenty of times when I did things for other people without making sure I was okay. Mainly for me, this was an issue financially. When I was good with money I would let fiends and family borrow if they asked. No was not in my vocabulary, but now it is. I have to say no. I can’t get to my goals where I want to be, If I am always doing for other people or allowing them to use me. My friend told me recently that people only do what you allow.  I learned this lesson a lot with dating recently. Man, never again!


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Balance As A Writer


Writing is something that is near and dear to me. If you have read my ” about me” section on this blog, then you already know some of the things that I have done as a writer. I find it hard to balance life and writing. I am writing a new book about that very thing. Stay tuned! Anyway, I have been talking to a lot of people who have the dream of writing, but are afraid of the outcome. I was the same exact way. I wanted to write, but yet I was afraid of the success and/or failures that came with writing.

How Do We Find A Balance With Writing?

My writing Process

I posted a blog about the writing process a while back, so check it out. I’m Married To My Writing, But I’m Having an Affair With Life This sort of touches on my life and how writing was starting to be secondary and primary. Don’t be afraid this happens to the best of us. Now we know that writing does not pay the big bucks right away, and often times we have to work. I am in the same boat. I am currently looking for a job in addition to my writing career and I’m a phd student as well. Finding a balance is very important. Here is what I always tell myself even when I slip up, ” NEVER FORGET TO WRITE!” If you think this sounds stupid, it probably does. But, I interviewed Orlando Brown a couple years ago I asked him if he had any writing advice. He gave me this jewel, ” He said, ” Write daily. Writers write. Always focus on the craft and try to better yourself. Always read. Writers are readers too.”  When it said it, it made sense. You ever have someone tell you something that you heard before or even know but it clicks when they tell you? Yes, that was my ah-ha moment. I know that life gets in the way of what we want to do, but we have to make time for what we want. Anyone can work a 9-5, but if writing is what you want to do, the time has to go in on that too until it can be your life. I want to write for a living and do research for a hospital or academia.

What helps with the balance of writing is to make writing a priority in your life. I’ve tried to-do lists, a white board, and calendar. I still get off track and flunk, but I am going to continue to try and see what works for me. Bullet journals are very popular and help those organize their life. I do have journals, but I haven’t written in them daily. I am going to start writing in them again. See, the balance! Doing what you want to do and not always what you have to do. My issue is the internet. I won’t even lie. I just deleted Facebook from my phone. I can be scrolling for hours when I could have written a blog, worked on a project or been focusing on reading (which is what I want to do this year. My reading goal is 5o books). It is good to know what your addictions or triggers are that will keep you from writing. Get those in check first. The more you write daily, the more it will become a healthy habit as I call it. I think it was the reason why I was so successful with Nano in November, honestly. Having the goal and my writing buddies holding me accountable really helped.  When you are confused or feel like you can’t find a balance, take a deep breath and remember why you are writing in the first place. It will be and is okay.

I write because..

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When Your Writing Shifts

Friday Reading

Happy Friday, readers! I am SO glad that this day is here. Thus far, my day has not been a very productive one, but I am changing that RIGHT now. I wanted to talk about writing today. When we are writing sometimes the words take us to a different place. It is almost as if the story goes against the outline that you wrote.

How can this happen?

My Writing Process

Trust me, it’s crazy, but it can happen. When it does let it. The story may get even better and more descriptive. This is that ” inner word” that we writers have when things happen. This is how you know you are writing something that has to be told. Ever read a book and hear the voice when you read it? I know this may sound silly, but it really does happen. For instance, I am hearing a voice read this blog as I type it, lol. When something doesn’t make sense in our writing, we often question it. Usually it is our right to question our writing, but go with what your characters are telling you. Give it a try. You never know it maybe the best thing happening in your story. For me this often happens in the middle of the story. I am fine with my outline at first, then it just changes up. New people develop and things change, sometimes even genres. But, I say don’t let it sway away from your story too much or you will start to have a different story altogether.  Writing is all about taking chances and seeing what works. Don’t worry about messing up or things not fitting, that is what the delete button is for.

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How Fear and Curiosity got the Cat

It’s a new year and as promised, I wanted to add some exciting things to my blog! My new friend Naomi agreed to do a guest blog for each other to talk about our writing fears. Please go to her blog and subscribe and show her some love!



As a writer, I want to make it. By make it, I mean be published, make a big list like the NY Time’s Best Seller’s, or – and probably more likely – be respected in my academic community.

As a person, this terrifies me. Writing, and making something permanent, let alone something that is published is a huge opportunity and threat. It’s moments like these, I feel a bit like my scaredy-rescue cats, Tweety and Sylvester.


Caption: This is Slyvester, he likes boxes. So do I.

It’s not that I don’t want to publish, or put something out there, but my research is in an under-researched, but currently super-hot topic, and I don’t feel like I have the voice to be the first writer on it. You see, I appear, at least visually, to be part of the dominant, in-power portion of society. Even though I’m not, I appear to be an upper middle class white woman of power and privilege, who is going to write about whether we can indigenize music education (or not, or not in an easy way). At the best of times, this leads me to a good philosophical discussion, and the knowledge that I am supported by the Aboriginal community in my city to do this work with and beside them. At the worst of times, it’s a paralyzing fear that makes me hide in the library reading absolutely everything I can get my hands on – instead of living and being in the world.

Since returning to school in September to do a masters, and theoretically a PhD (eventually? I’m still allowing myself to be non-committal here.) I haven’t posted anything public of essence, and I certainly haven’t written anything I felt like sending to a publisher. Even sending emails to professors at school has been hard, I feel exposed, and vulnerable. I tried in vain to submit to an anthology with Fighting Monkey Press, but failed at hitting send. Couldn’t put myself out there.

In a semi-planned, pretty windy path kind of way, I took the last four months to figure it out, understand how I could help myself, and move on to making the commitment to write every day in 2017. (I did a trial run in December, and since it wasn’t a complete failure, I figure I’ll state it publicly, 😛 )

Here then, are my three tips for bringing yourself back from that silenced voice, more often known in the author community as the dreaded writers block.

  1. Schedule it

This sounds so simple, so mundane, so easy… It gets easy, it wasn’t easy to start, but thanks to Google Calendar, and a new style of non/self-employment, life had to be scheduled different anyway. What I learned from this, was that if I put it in my calendar, the guilt of not doing it and having to move it to the next day is enough to make me write something. I like to-do lists, specifically crossing things off them. My calendar is like a reverse to-do list – I make myself re-schedule the things I don’t do, and eventually, looking at a day full of procrastinated tasks made me re-orientate. It’s helped in so many ways – my email list of to-do’s is now under 20 every day, and I block of an hour of writing time no matter what.

  1. Don’t be Afraid

How you ask? You can’t just not be afraid suddenly right? Partly right, my anxiety ebbs and flows, but by talking with cultural healers and helpers at the Friendship centre where I teach day care music, I’ve come to realize that my fear is really control based. When I realized that control isn’t (or doesn’t have to be) the goal, I became much more able to express myself with words again.

Writing, to some extent is giving up control. Blogging, is probably the lowest end of the scale, I can go back and edit, un publish, or delete all together. A Guest blog is a little more out there, once it’s in the hands of your host, it’s all under their fingertips of control. The further out you go, anthology submission, self-publishing a book, submitting an essay, thesis or research proposal, the less control you have. The fear of losing that control made me uber-careful about what I said on paper (which is a good thing), but ultra opposed to ever showing anyone, anything I’d written, ever again.

  1. Breath, Laugh, and Live

One of the things I’m learning, is how to live and be in the world again. For me, when we look at the root of a word like indigenous, or aboriginal, it means a way of being, walking and living in the world as well as it’s more well known meaning of first-peoples of a land.

Learning to breathe again, literally take a breath, pause, in-hale and exhale has been both a chore and a joy. My last excursion into the world of full-time work almost broke me, and I had to take time to see and really look at the world again. Walk with my head up, look at more than my feet, meet people eye-to-eye (when necessary, that’s a hard one).

You see, part of the reason I wasn’t writing, was I wasn’t living, I wasn’t seeing or allowing new information to get in. I didn’t take note of the beauty in a single moment, or pain and release at the end of someone’s life. I wasn’t present, and I’d removed myself from experiencing the world.

I didn’t laugh, and laughter, genuine uncontrollable laughter makes the memory of fear, and loss of control so much easier to bear.

I want to thank Krystol so much for letting me be a guest on her blog today! I hope you enjoyed the post, and find something you can take away from it to help you in your day to day writing. My journey is just beginning, and there are days it feels like a high-speed train, but hey, trains are one of the safest forms of travel. I hope you join me for the ride!


Naimeless grew up in Southern Manitoba quite literally on the 49th parallel, and made Brandon, Manitoba their home after finishing a Music Degree in 2003. They recently returned to the world of academia to complete a Masters in Music Education and have never been more excited or terrified to write in their live. Naimeless has been a restaurant manager, a shoe salesperson, a customer service person of various sorts, editor in chief of The Quill and acquired a few more degrees along the way. They currently work for Novel Publicity and are personal assistant extraordinaire to PK Tyler (Her words! We swear!) to support her dreams of becoming an obscure composer and writer.

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I’m Doing NanoWrioMo 2016!!


I was almost late, but a friend of mine from YouTube, EllisReads convinced me to do Nano this year. I always tried to do Nano, but I never finished. I am trying to work on finishing what I start. So, I am determined to make this year, the year I do so with Nano. I have a novel that should have been finished almost a year ago! But, I will do my best to get it finished.

Although I already started this book, my goal is to still make my novel at least 75,000 words. Right now I am at 17,633. I still have a ways to go, but I am excited for this journey yet again.

Title: Trapped

Genre: Psychological Thriller


Nineteen years old, Psychology major, Candice Hertz always worked hard at her studies. Losing her father to Cancer, Candice decides to go to therapy to talk about her loss. What was suppose to be a successful therapy session, turned out to be her worst nightmare. Reliving her past, Candice talks about a traumatic experience where she was physically abused by her father for over a year at at the age of 12. Not being able to relive the moments, Danielle, another personality steps in to take over and do what Candice isn’t able to. Danielle’s goal is to seek revenge on those who ever caused Candice any pain, by any means necessary. Will Candice be cured from Multiple Personality Disorder or will she stay trapped with Danielle forever.




I ran out of the room because I was tired of them arguing. The constant screams were starting to make me vomit, literally. I couldn’t wait until I turned 18 and was able to move out of the house. My mother was just as afraid of him as I was. But, lucky her, she was always safe. There I was running through the woods and to the beach. The beach was always my peaceful quiet place. I could still hear them yelling as I ran. Even though I was away from the house, I could still hear them in my head just screaming.

“ No, if I tell her not to go to a party, Jill she needs to listen.” He yelled.

My father would always come in from the house drunk and made a reason to always yell at me or hit me. This time I decided that I had enough.

“ Candice, you can go the party, your homework is not done.” He said.

“ How would you know? You are never here and my work is done. Mom said I could go!” I barked back.

“ Will, she did do her homework and it is a Friday night.” She said in my defense.

“ I can’t believe you are telling me no.” I sat down on the couch and folded my arms.

Before I knew what was coming next, I was on the floor and my face covered my red curls. I was embarrassed and in pain. The punch in the face this time took the wind out of me.

“ William Hertz!” My mom yelled.

“ You heard what I said, you will not go to a damn party. It’s all kinds of crazy men out there.” He said

I didn’t say a word. I got up and felt my face. Something told me to look at my hand and there it was, it was as red as an apple, as red as ketchup; it was blood. My blood. All I could do was grab my jacket and get out of there. I ran as fast as I could. There was no way I was going to a party with a new shiner on my face.

When I stopped running, I looked at the blue water and tried to catch my breath. I turned around just in case Will didn’t follow me. I never called him daddy. Watching him beat my mom, and me he did not deserve that kind of respect. My face started to sting as the tears were going to my new wound. I put my hands in my pockets and sat down on the sand. The sun was just setting, but the sand was still warm. I picked up the sand and swirled it in my hands and it blew away from the wind. I looked at the ocean as the water swayed from side to side to free and leaving this place. I wish I was more like the ocean, able to come and go as I please. One day I will have that chance. When I do, I will never look back at SeaSide Height’s, NewJersey again. My mind was made up. I would move to NewYork. I always loved NewYork because my grandparents lived there. I got to see Broadway shows and ride the Subway by myself and go on adventures. The weather started to cool down and I knew I just had to go somewhere. I had no one to call because my friends were at the party, except my one friend, my best friend, Damon. I patted the sides of my jeans and pulled out my cell phone. I dialed his number and he picked up one the third ring.

“ Hey gorgeous, what’s up?”

“ Can I come stay the night?”

My voice was silent and frail.

“ He hit you again?” He said sounding pissed off. I could hear his breathing hard through the phone.

“ Are you at the beach, Candice?”

“ Yes.”

“ I’m coming with my bike. Stay there.”

Within minutes he was there to rescue me yet once again.

“ I’m sorry. Is Camille over tonight?”

“ No, she’s with her parents for their anniversary dinner tonight.” He said as I hopped on the back of his back.

I closed my eyes and sighed in relief.

“ I don’t want her to be mad.” I said.

I didn’t like Camille much but Damon loved her so I could not say much.

“ Don’t worry about Camille, you are my priority tonight.” He said as he looked at me and touched my face.

I was so in love with Damon, but he was with Camille to notice. We arrived in his room as I climbed in the window. I grabbed a t-shirt out of his draw as I changed and got in his bed.

Damon took his shoes off and laid next to me. Silently I sobbed in his arms.

“ Shhhh. It will be okay. If it does it again I swear to God, I will kill him.” He said as I wiped the tears from my eyes.

“ I can’t wait until I am 18 and I can move.” I said in between cries.

“ I will protect you. Get some sleep.” He said.

Within minutes I was sleep. The day had seemed like one big nightmare, but with Damon, it was like I was in heaven.

I’d love feedback about my prelude. Thanks in advance,


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Monday, oh Monday!

oMonday Blahs

Happy Monday, everyone! I know it’s been a while since I have blogged anything. But, I did a MukBang video which is really popular these days on YouTube. I tried my hand and do a breakfast one. Check it out here.  So, what has been going on? For me, I let’s see, there is so much to catch up on.


reading 5

Guys, I am so excited to say that I read 5 book in the month of July! I could not believe it. I made an August TBR video of what I will be reading next month and it is an ambitious TBR.  I am currently reading Rebel Angeles by Libba Bray and A Little Life by Hanya Yanagaharia.  They are some clunkers, but they are coming a long nicely. I am also going to be doing JaneAustenians, which is a group on good reads where we are reading Jane Austen’s book. The first book that will be read starting today is Pride & Prejudice. I had tried to read Northanger Abby by Jane Austen, but I couldn’t get into it. Hopefully, Pride & Prejudice will be good since I LOVED the movie. Check it out. The video is on youtube go to ReadByZoe. I love her channel.


Keep Writing

I have to have the photo to keep writing so I can continue to motivate myself. I am making an to-do list ( I’ve done for the millionth time) and today so far has been a productive day! I am going to attempt to write a chapter a day in order to get this book completed. With the book I am writing, I will be trying to get an agent to get traditionally published. My goal is to be a NYT best selling author.


What have you been up to?