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Good morning readers and those who just click like on my posts!  I know many people have them and it’s just something that gets on your nerves when other’s do it. Yep, I’m talking pet peeves!  As a writer people have many pet peeves that just makes them want to go ” Grrr”. I will say I don’t have pet peeves of anyone else’s writing, but my own. I know, it may be silly that I can’t judge anyone else’s writing. I mean, who am I to judge? When it comes to my own writing, my biggest peeve is my grammar. Yes, it’s an issue.  Ever since I was in high school grammar has been my worst enemy instead of my best friend. :(.  Here are my peeves with my writing abilities: 

1. Comma Crazy – yes I have a hard time figuring out where commas go. I was told that it goes where ever there is a pause. Clearly…I was wrong.

2. Quotation Marks- these used to be hard for me. I have gotten stronger when it comes to the “marks.” (Thank God). I would always put the punctuation marks after the quotation marks. Then I learned to keep everything inside lol. 

3. Editing- okay editing is a big peeve of mine because I simply SUCK at it! I know as a writer I should be over the basics and having other grammar matters but, nope, i’m a simple girl at heart, lol. Hence, I’m a writer NOT editor. To the REAL editors out there ” you got that!” 

 There I admit it. Grammar is my weakness. I hope I’m even using grammar correctly on this blog! LOL.  To help me with my grammar challenged self, I have purchased a book called The Little Brown Handbook by Jane E. Aaron. I recommend all writers to get this book. It’s a little on the expensive side, but it’s worth it. It has many tools on perfecting your grammar. Teachers, writers, and  even tutor’s use it. The book is about 955 pages long. Don’t worry you won’t have to read the whole thing if you don’t want to! Lord, I’d have a headache if I read that whole book.  I have learned that it is okay to have a weaknesses or pet peeves with your writing because it will only make you stronger. Most of the times I am embarrassed about it, especially if other people notice it. My problem is I never go over my work because as i’m typing it sounds perfect to me. BIG MISTAKE!!! Always, always, read over your work. I have started doing that now. I wanted to ask you guys something, what do you think about spell check? Is it me or is it just the worst thing that  has been invented on Microsoft Word.  In my opinion, it SUCKS! It re-words what you are saying and will spell things incorrectly. They don’t even check for grammar. WTH!  Yet, teachers all over the world tell you to use spell check and it doesn’t check for everything. I have gotten so many low grades because of spell check. But, going over your work to make sure it’s good won’t kill ya. Well, it may kill me because i’m so unsure of my editing skills, lol. I’m a work in progress, I know. There you have it folks, I have let you know what my pet peeves are with my own writing. Will you be brave and tell me yours? 

2 thoughts on “Writing Pet Peeves

  1. I’ve read many best selling authors published by the Big Four – and spotted errors in their books. This is not meant as reflection on anyone’s abilities – just sharing something I’ve noticed.

    Oh, I make many grammatical errors too 🙂

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